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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Homage to Knitting Groups (DO IT!)

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Such a great day, I love the knitting groups in my small town. It's hard to get out there and try to make friends at any age, especially with people you have no prior connection to. But as someone who suffers from anxiety and depressive symptoms, it's important to get out of the house and be social, and boy has it paid off.

  The first group I found, was my local library in the middle of the day. Which wasn't a big deal since at the time I was unemployed and needed to get out of the house and off my recliner. I was actively looking for a job, though, so knew that I needed to find something that was more a time frame for people who work a 9-5 job. 

  This past fall I held a table at a bazaar where I sold my knitted items (which was just an awesome two days!) and someone came by my table and mentioned a knitting group that met in the library evenings once a week. So I thought that was perfect and gave it a go. They were so welcoming!!

   Soon I found a job and though it was an adjustment for my kids and husband to have me go to knitting night once a week, I've found that it's really good for my kids (if not my husband) to see their mommy being social and boy is it good for me. I'm still shy, though they may not realize it. I tend to hold back when it comes to doing things outside of the knitting night because I worry about my welcome. But I'm getting there.

  Tonight was a particularly good night, and I know a few of them do read my blog, so this is my homage to knitting groups. They may not have a note on the local public library, but there are many out there. So if you suffer from anxiety or depression, get up, get out and ask the librarian if they know of any groups. If they do not know, keep asking around, or ask about starting one yourself. Because I can promise you that it is worth it to have one. It's healthy to get out and share your love of all things yarn, knitting, algebra (hehe) and knitting/crocheting books.

  So to any of you ladies who may read my blog from my knitting group, thank you so much for the continued welcome, and the cheerful and upbeat Tuesday nights that I can really use, especially as I was having a rough day. 

  My advice? Find or start a knitting/crocheting group!!! So good for your brain, heart and hands!!

Later gaters!