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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Holy Ribbing! Test Knitting Awesomeness, and Felted Oops

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     The past week and a half I've been working on a test knit, which is fun and like a puzzle, I just adore test-knitting! And it helped me rephrase a favorite popular culture phrase to Holy Ribbing (see clip below for excitement when she says "Holy Rabies!")!
   So I have been doing my obsessive knitting thing and constantly working on this, basically so that I can enjoy the puzzle. All other knitting round robin plans have been postponed until this is done, due to a time crunch. 

  It's funny how ribbing slows us down, you move the yarn from the front to the back to the front to the back lol. I've made a few stupid mistakes due to rushing, but in all I'm having a good time!

   Other things that have occurred in my story-book world is that I felted my daughter's sweater. I knit my 7 year old a sweater out of wool, and camel hair and now it fits my 3 year old haha. So she and I picked out a new sweater called the Leksak tunic by Yarnmadness, and will be making a matching one for my 3 year old as well. One gets blue, the other gets yellow.

  Otherwise, had a pretty upbeat week, which was nice. Good mood, silly, and happy for most of it. Exhausted at the end of the day, of course. Waiting for some orders to arrive, and I'll show pictures of those next week. This week I do want to finish plans for a giveaway. Maybe by the 100th blog post, but I may have it exclusively on instagram this time. 

     I hope everyone is doing well, and knitting or crocheting to their hearts content. Summer is coming!! Which means Webs tent sale, and ending with Rhinebeck with hopefully one day at the beach at least somewhere in there! Be well!!