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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Check, Check, Test and Fair Thinking! Zoom! :D

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Happy Sunday!! I hope everyone set their clocks forward (USA folks only, as far as I know.. How does that even work with the rest of the world?). The first day of Spring is in 12 days, and I cannot wait. I noticed that I have a lot of green knitting going on, and it is probably because I can't wait to see the grass and leaves in the trees! 

  I finished both the twin blankets, and was finally able to block the second one. Tough to do last week, as my town had a boil water advisory lol. I love how they've both turned out!! They are called the Lotus Baby Blanket and the Cabled Berry Baby Blanket

  I know that the mom I made these for will appreciate them, as she's picked up crocheting lately and she is a very sweet lady. 

  So much for me saying that I was cabled out!! I've finished the first two clues in the Bonnie's Wish Shawl and am really enjoying it.

   I'm also working on a test knit that I cannot disclose, but I'm waiting for knitpicks.com swish to really get to work on it. Shouldn't take long, no cables involved haha.

Upcoming Projects:
   If you enjoyed that last Outlander MKAL, than you need to get signed up for this next one. The last one:

   I received my yarn already and cannot wait to get the first clue on April 4th. Good thing I have tons of things to keep me occupied. The two skeins of Lorna's Laces from Jimmybeanwool.com on the left are for the next Outlander MKAL, the one on the left is called Seaside, and if you have suggestions for patterns, I'm open to them. :D

   I have heard that there is a Game of Thrones MKAL in the wind, and I will let you know if I hear anything on that, because I will get in on that.

Sunshine Fair Competition:
   Even though it's still a few months away, I've been thinking about what to submit for the local crafting competition this summer. If the Bonnie's Wish Shawl is up to my snuff, that is a possibility. So is this lace shawl:
  Maybe I'll try to do a baby sweater too.. so much fun!! :D

   I hope everyone is doing well, the mid-week blog post was fun to do, and a nice stretch for my mind and heart. But I do hope that anything on here that I write reaches out and helps you think or feel in a positive way. Or provides resources that help. 
   Life in my household has been busy, with a girl scouts meeting, trying to catch up on cleaning on the weekend and working on my knitting. Things I do, even when my kids aren't cuddling or playing with me. I am truly blessed with the most wonderful children. So let's make an effort to count our blessings this week. That will be my goal!

Be well!