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Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

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What weather we're having up here in upstate NY! We're expecting yet another storm so yesterday I braved the crowds to pick up groceries to tide us over. 

I haven't been to any of my knitting groups lately, so it's been a very lonely knitting two weeks.. Hopefully this Tuesday will work out and I'll go to the group. Something that has occurred in regards to that I wanted to address, because I am quite sure that I am not alone at all. Though I enjoy the company of others, I do tend to be shy and unsure of my welcome, probably a remnant of a childhood filled with family issues haha. So when something happens, such as a move of the group to someone's private house, I tend to balk vs when we meet at the public library. Not because I do not like them, quite the contrary, but I do not feel secure in my welcome so I am hesitant in what I consider is borderline intrusion...

  After considering this problem, I've come to the conclusion that unless we put ourselves out there and forward, how will we know? So I believe I made a mistake in not going. It's better to put yourself out there with kindness and humility and possibly be rebuffed than to miss an opportunity. My tip for the week when it comes to depression and anxiety. Take that chance in the social world because we are deserve company and the kindness of others, and others cannot read our minds or hearts.

Charity Knitting/Crocheting:
   Recently, a picture has been flying around my facebook page and I really want to gather the materials to set up a few of these buckets around my community and at my workplace to encourage others in knitting and crocheting.


  I adore this idea and think that in my community there should be a bucket at the community library, a local cafe, and the teen center. Perhaps half knitting and half crocheting. Once the scarves are complete they are to be donated to homeless shelters nearby. So that is on my to-do list. Where would you put your buckets in your community?

Round Robin:
   Finally, I have been working on those baby blankets and enjoying them immensely. Cable Baby Berry Blanket by Grid Mammal Crafts and Lotus Baby Blanket by Shana Schasteen. I will be casting on the Autumn's End Sweater again, hopefully today or tomorrow. 

  Very happy with both of them and my use of Knitpicks.com and their Swish Worsted (100% superwash merino wool). The needles I'm using for the Lotus blanket are also from Knitpicks, their Sunstruck series, size 8 (5mm) and for the Cabled Berry blanket I'm using a knitter's pride fixed needle size 9 (5.5mm). Such good stuff!!

   So again, where would you place a bucket of knitting or crocheting for people to work on scarves for homeless folks in your community? I want to hear!!

Be well!!!