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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Autumn's End Update and Giveaway Update

Good evening!

  Well, it just turned evening where I am, and for the first time in two weeks I feel like I can sit down and write a blog post, but I do not have enough for a podcast. I will be taping a podcast, with better video, next weekend. From now on, the schedule will be every two weeks.

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Podcast Comment:
This past week, I received a thumbs down rating on my podcast and I do not mind getting that, what bothers me is that no one commented why. If it was the video, I'm sorry, I know the room was too dark and the video seemed to be on with the audio, but seemed fuzzy in some way. I'm going to attempt to use my new videocam. If you have a comment on the podcast, please feel free to comment in the blog show notes or on the video in youtube so that I can improve!

Autumn's End Knitting:
  On to blog business. I have been making great progress on the sweater, when I can. With my new job I have much less time to knit than I used too, but not going to night classes is a huge relief! But I believed that I had finished the body of my Autumn's End sweater up to the armpits. For my size, it was supposed to be 15 3/4 inches long. 
   But while setting this out for pictures today I realized that maybe I should add another inch. The questions falls on where do you measure this sweater? The lace will relax a great deal after soaking and blocking. I'm using Andean Treasure yarn which is 100% baby alpaca by KnitPicks.com and it is really a complete joy to work with. Keeps my hands nice and comfy warm, and boy we've had some cold days recently. 

    But measuring on the table, after sitting it on the table during this picture taking session and I worried that I was at 15 inches and not 15 3/4 inches. It's not a big deal, I will just put it back on my circular needles if I need too. I'll see how I'm doing with amount of yarn and measurements after I finish both the sleeves.

   Speaking of sleeves. :D

   So I meant to do them two at a time magic loop, but when I cast them on at work, away from resources such as youtube and during a luncheon with the knitting group at my new work place (WIN!! Love those ladies and I am soo excited to find an active group that meets once a week!!!). So instead I settled for one at a time. 

   What I did do was the bottom is a garter stitch and I did all five rows of garter stitch and THEN joined in the round. I have a nice long tail so I can sew the split together, if I feel like it. I'm actually kind of liking the effect. But the sleeve is quick work.

   One more update on this sweater is to show you how you can use a small needle and thread a contrasting colored yarn along the circular needle cord, then take off the circular needle cord and it is saved! I suggest doing this with acrylic vs another natural fiber to prevent any type of felting, because life happens. :D Here is a picture I took of the top body of the sweater and where the acrylic yarn is threaded through. 
   A note on alpaca yarn, yes it does have that halo of hair. But it's sooo soft!

Giveaway Info:
Lastly, if you go to the ravelry group I referenced above, there is a giveaway going on that I will pull randomly from the end of this month. You need to be a member of the group in order to win, so go join, introduce yourself (if you feel like it, not an entry requirement lol), and say hi!

Be well and see you next week!! Stay warm!!