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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sweater Pattern Favorites

It looks like I'm getting into a rhythm with my blog and podcast. Blog on the weekend once, podcast on Wednesday. Not a bad rhythm!

Some regular housekeeping.
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I've been brainstorming, still a giveaway that I will be hosting, and have finally decided on a Ravelry pattern giveaway of $7 or less. The details will be relayed on my podcast this week on how to enter and what the rules are!

Sweater Favorites:
 I thought it would be fun to highlight my favorite patterns, so this section will have two. One that I've completed and one that I want to complete.
  The one that I have completed and that I loved was from Interweave Knits Magazine, Winter 2014. It is the L'Acadie Cardigan by Bristol Ivy who also has a blog called Where the Red-Winged Black Bird Flies

   This is an awesome sweater, and a very simple cable pattern that is easy to follow. A great pattern for relative beginner to cables who wants to venture into sweaters with cables! :D The yarn I used was Berroco Comfort, worsted weight, and it was nice to use and has been pilling, but not too badly so it's nice and comfy. With winter coming on, I've layered it with my alpaca sweater from New England Knits called Augusta Cardigan, which was my first knitted sweater ever. 
   Funny story about that, I screwed up the cables in front of the sweater and instead of going back, since I was done with the sweater, I just said forget it and I've lived with it ever since. Good thing it was for me as I was my own guinea pig haha. Just goes to show, that if it's for you, and you can live with it, leave it alone. And no one has every said anything about it.

One that I want to do is from the Vogue Knitting Magazine, Fall 2014, called #22 Vibrant Colorwork Pullover by Marie Wallin. This is a pattern that I would really like to attempt in 2015 because it's so lovely and it's colorwork! Who doesn't enjoy a bit of colorwork for a challenge! :D

These are just a few of my favorites, my list in Ravelry is out of control, but these are my current "woot's" lol. 

Short Blog Wrap-up
  The podcast will have a stash enhancement fun, review of the latest Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits magazines as well as details on how to get into my giveaway. Knit on people and keep your chins up! "Winter is Coming!"