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Monday, December 1, 2014

Fighting Depressive Symptoms

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This will not be one of those blog-posts in which I am going to be stating my works in progress, or showing my finished objects. Instead, this is a little blurb about today.

   Today was a gray, cloudy, and sleepy day. 

   Problem number one, I didn't sleep so well last night and problem number two, I have a job interview tomorrow. The reason why number two is a problem is because I truly need a job and not having one is both petrifying and stressful, so I'm very stressed out that I will not get the job that my family needs me to get so badly.

   What did I do? I could have just sat there and stared at the television and cried. Goodness knows there are days where I've done that. Heck, I lost several months of my life to a couch and depression when I was 19. But I did self care.

  1. I did take a morning nap with my 3 year old on the couch. This is okay because I was exhausted and it was cuddle time.
  2. When I was awake, I kept my hands busy and knitted. I also made sure to post on instagram my posts for the two fun December instagram events I'm doing (follow me, Tangledmania). 
  3. I did not let myself binge eat in the slightest, which lends me towards eating less, but I make up for it and I'm not skinny so it won't kill me for one day. 
  4. I told my husband briefly on the phone that I was upset and what about (guilt for being unemployed). It always helps to reach out, even though when you are in that state of mind, so little will relieve the despair of the moment, but it passes.
  5. And right now, I'm blogging about my symptoms, and explaining what I did. 
  The reason these are healthy and helpful for me is because they gave me compassion for myself. They also helped me focus on something else, such as knitting, which broke repetitive thought processes. Writing about it here, helped me think it through and logically and as I finish writing this paragraph, I actually do feel better. 

  I'm putting off doing my first podcast until I receive some yarn to show off, but I have so much to talk about, so I'm really excited and nervous. 

  Here's to hoping you had a fun Thanksgiving in the USA, a wonderful weekend for everyone else and that everyone keeps their chin up when they can, and hug themselves inside when they can't during this holiday season. Be well!

Jen Riley