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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Checking In and My Knitting Round Robin

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Good evening! Over the past few week, so much has been going on. I landed a new job (SQUEE!!), that starts on December 29th, and became ill in the midst of all the paperwork and running around for family doctor appointments. Life still goes on, right? It was interesting jumping up and down after the phone call offering me the position and feeling so sick to my stomach haha.

   I'm so excited about the new job and cast on a new project, now that I've finished the Glaciation Shawl by Josh Ryks. So all that is left on my knitting round robin would be:

  1. Autumn's End Sweater  by Alana Dakos
  2.  #27 Leaf Blanket by Inge Spungen
  3. Bonnie's Wish MKAL by Erica Jackofsky
  4. Vanilla Toe-up Socks for my husband by no one in particular :D
  5. Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure
  6. and Impression Vest by Meghan Jones (for my new job)
Phew that's a lot.. Probably mainly working on the Impression Vest and the Leaf Blanket. Was hoping to get the Leaf Blanket finished by Christmas Day for my mother but the large leaves are hurting my hands, so I don't think it's going to happen, and I find that very frustrating.

   Because of being ill, the podcast was not recorded and the goal is for recording to occur on Monday, so hopefully that occurs without a hitch. After that I will have to find a new location and time to record as I cannot record in the middle of the day on a Wednesday since I will be at work all day haha. 

    The Autumn's End sweater is coming along beautifully. Almost done with the section that is the waist section. 

   The Leaf Blanket is coming along, it's a diamond shaped afghan with leaves knitted in relief of purl stitches, so I am on the decreasing end. I'm knitting this with Premier Yarns Serenity Chunky Heathers and two size 10.5US, 6.5mm needles. 

   The Impression Vest is the only other project I've been working on and it's coming along beautifully. I'm using Plymouth Encore Tweed worsted weight yarn on size 7 and 8 needles (4.5 and 5 mm) in the vest and I just adore tweedy yarn :D. 


  So many people are sick, experiencing loss, remembering grief, and having a hard time during the holiday season so make sure that you know, people do care, just have to find the right people to reach out too. Keep your chin up and stitch on!!