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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Casting on: Autumn's End

Welcome back, my friends! I hope you enjoyed my first podcast, and there will be more to come, I'm sure because I had a really fun time doing it (aside from technological stuff). It's fun being in front of a camera with the chance to just sound-off and chat.

   There are only four days left on the MIRLA Fiber Arts Kickstarter, so please donate if you can and let's keep her in business!! Here is a sample of her yarn, such loveliness!!

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Autumn's End sweater, designed by Alana Dakos aka Nevernotknitting on instagram and ravelry

Andean Treasure in Aurora Heather

Swatching is essential for sweaters!
   Sweaters really are one of the few knitted items that I strongly suggest folks take the time to check gauge and make a swatch. I have been so excited to jump ahead and start a sweater project before and more often than not, I have regretted it.
    The pattern calls for size 7US, 4.5mm needles but I knit loosely so this is the swatch that gave me the gauge I needed for this sweater, which ended up being size 6US, 4.0mm needles.

Casting on fun!
     (I am not going into specific details, such as cast on numbers and such, because this pattern is not free, out of respect for Alana and her designs.)
  If you're casting on with me (and come chat in the ravelry Autumn's End chat if you are), you may have noticed that the instructions say to use the long-tail cast on and we cast on a great deal of stitches. And I was thinking about how I can do this without the conundrum of having too long a tail or not a long enough tail to complete all the stitches. So, I did some research after I did the swatch and What I found with my research is the suggestion to use two balls of yarn to cast on, and I thought it was brilliant. No, I have not done a long-tail cast on with two balls before. :D.

   Guide with pictures: You can find a fantastic guide to this on another blog called Coco Knits, with pictures and all! So that is what I used and it worked brilliantly. I have 3 tails which has been interesting haha, but otherwise it really does make me happy and may be my new go-to for long-tail and a high number of cast on stitches.

    Preview: I've been working at it and truly love it. With the yarn color I'm using, it's almost like ferns in the forest, which is really lovely. And the yarn is so soft. I joked with my husband that I was responsible for them selling out in that color, since knitpicks.com did sell out in the Aurora Heather colorway last week haha. I hope you know that I am absolutely not serious about that. :P
  This is pinned out so that you could see the pattern a little, but once the sweater is done, soaked and blocked out, the lace features will really show.

S2KP2: I do have one more thing to show you, it is for the S2KP2 in the pattern. I was doing it wrong for the longest time and now I'm finally doing it right, in time for this project. What you want is for the center stitch to line up.

Be well, folks and keep your chins up and your hands busy :D. Another podcast will be coming this Wednesday, I hope.