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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Fun - Happy Turkey-Day!!

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Turkey-Day Chat:
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the USA, so to all my USA viewers, Happy Turkey-Day! Who's going to win the football games? Looks like there are three games going on:
  Bears vs Lions
  Eagles vs Cowboys
  Seahawks vs. 49ers

   I'm not sure which game I'll end up watching and knitting in front of, likely just whichever one is on when I'm done making the turkey and I can finally sit down. At my house it's not really a big deal, just my two small daughters, my mom and husband and that is it. Which I'm kind of grateful for, because that is anxiety ridden enough for me as it is.

Reading Pleasure:
   Still reading my way through Prince Lestat by Anne Rice (her latest)  and enjoying the new characters she's introduced into the book that we never knew before. Antoine is a little jarring, but still easy to relate too. I do not know what's next on my list to read and I've been plowing through the outline for my self-help book on how to use Yarncrafting in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to treat depressive and anxiety symptoms.

WIP (Work In Progress):
   Working on scarves for xmas, pattern is from Joe D'Angio "Basic Cable Can Be Nice".
    I burned my finger the other day, so that has taken a bit out of my knitting sail, so to speak. But my knitting ADHD is in full force as I get ready to cast on for my "Knit-Botanical-Knits-Book" event. Not such a fun thing, I lost my size 8 needles!! This sometimes happens around my recliner but I can usually find it. It's been almost two weeks and I still can't find those circulars so I may have to order another pair.
   But I did knit a little on the fair isle tam, but not much.

FO (Finished Object):
  This is sadly empty.. but here is a funny picture to make you smile!

Wrapping up:
  I'm typing things up this way to give you an idea of how my podcast will go. Yes, I will be doing a podcast. First I'm waiting for some yarn to arrive so that I have something fun to show you. Secondly, I'm looking for the best place to do it.
   Life is moving on as tonight I get ready to cook turkey tomorrow, not my favorite thing to do since my oven is older than me (I'm 34), but it does the job. We also got hit by a good snow storm today, but stayed safely home so all is well in the household. Everyone is safe and no one is sick, besides the occasional sniffles. Project bags are everywhere, even my seven year olds, who is knitting a nice bulky scarf (I'm so proud of her!)

Have a wonderful turkey day. Be happy, be nice to each other and remember that no one can love you more than yourself, so love yourself and be compassionate to yourself! Thank you for reading!

Jen Riley