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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Getting Excited and Other Things

Getting Excited
   Yes, I am. This is a big deal for the blog and I'm super excited to relay that I have the following yarn folks/companies on board for advertising!
   Knitpicks.com (if you are not familiar with them, you should be :D)
   Cedar Hill Farm Company (which has absolutely lovely hand-dyed yarn)
   There are more on the way but these two are definite. All of the companies should get uber-love because it's just fantastic what they're doing for the blog!

   It looks like I'll be dyeing some of the yarn that I will be receiving so that will be a fun adventure and I will definitely be posting about that with pictures!

  If you haven't voted, make sure you get on the Ravelry group Tangledmania and put in your vote! Will you be knitting along with me? I'm planning on starting from the beginning of the book that wins in the voting and going straight through. There will be giveaways as well!

Other Things
   So I've been suffering from knitting ADHD, I just cannot stay focused haha. But knitted a little bit on the fair isle tam. Funny story about that pattern is that I am a very literal pattern follower. I can change things up, but it usually takes me by surprise when I have to change things. So I had to frog back to the corrugated ribbing which you can see here:

  I also have been working on a second pair of socks, this time for my seven year old daughter and I'm just fudging the pattern, though I'm not sure I like it. What do you think? Let me know, as I'm considering frogging these back doing lace or cables or something.

Lastly, should I do a weekly podcast? Or is reading better? I'm enjoying the podcasts and am unsure. Is that the new way to go. Give me your preferences. What are your favorite podcasts? Go check out my Facebook page for the blog as well! Tangledmania Blog.

On a more personal note, I have a job interview on December 2nd so I'm so excited, it would be so great for my family for me to be back to work!!

Be well and I'll be talking to you soon!