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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

First Bazaar: SUNY Cobleskill Holiday Bazaar

I'm soo nervous!!

  So a few things on my plate. The big one is that this Friday and Saturday, November 14-15, I'l be selling my knitting at SUNY Cobleskill during their Holiday Bazaar and I am sooo psyched and nervous! I've been knitting furiously and my 7 year old will be helping me draft the tags starting tonight haha. Here are some pictures of items I finished that didn't make it to my shop.

This hat is just so much fun, with little beads on top. It's a slouchy hat! :D kinda looks elvish, doesn't it? I gave it away during an instagram giveaway so had to make a new one for the shop.

    These mittens are a taken from a full mitten pattern, but I wanted some more fingerless mittens for my table, so there it is. The green is really bright and fun! I know I previewed one mitten last time, but here they are together! For one at a time, my gauge is getting pretty even.

     I'm working on one more super chunky cowl and another cabled kitty hat, since my daughter stole the one I made for the shop (hehe) and say I'm good. Soo nervous!! Everything from my shop will be for sale on my table. I think my biggest problem will be figuring out how to get them to display nicely.. I'm still unsure what I'm going to do.. I need to figure out ways to add height so that my stuff isn't all flat.. Brainstorm.. Any ideas?

Wish me luck!!