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Monday, October 6, 2014

Unemployed and Depressed

     Some "knitty" gritty in today's blog post, because depression is on my mind. As a trained therapist, I understand the signs/symptoms but anyone can fall prey to this mental illness. We can break the cycle but it's not always easy when there are stressors in our lives that fuel the negative thoughts.
    My stressors are easy to name:

  1. I have been extensively job searching, with only one unsuccessful interview, since May of this year. 
  2. Winter is coming and I'm really stressed about money and paying for oil.
  It has never taken me very  long to find a job, usually a few weeks, so this is really wearing on me. I live in a town that I haven't worked in and I'm shy. All of my friends are about 30-45 minutes away so I'm really lonely and isolated. I'm getting out sometimes to make friends, but it's not easy being shy and finding a baby sitter for my 3 year old, but I am trying. Specifically, I'm getting out to a knitting group called the Knitwits on Wednesdays at my local library. A very nice group of women.

   Besides trying to get out of the house, I'm also knitting (of course). The kitty hat I finished recently was a fun item to finish and my 7 year old went off to 2nd grade this morning wearing it. 
   I've also recently finished a very pretty shawl, what do you think? It's called Tignish.

     A friend of mine mentioned wanting a rainbow blanket that I've made before, so that may be back on the list to make. So that will be fun. It's crocheted in Berroco Comfort Yarn, and so comfy!!

   I have two other afghans on the needles so I'm staying busy. Keeping the fingers busy is important because of the depression symptoms. I can do this. 

        Drink plenty of water
        Eat more veggies
        Get out for daily walks
        Play with my children every day and laugh
        Keep creating knitted and crocheted items.
        Have faith that this too shall pass, because nothing stays the same forever!

What do you do to battle the blue's?

Jen Riley