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Friday, October 10, 2014

Job Interview and Stress Reduction

   I've been searching nonstop for a job in which I can use my training to help people with a master's degree in counseling and community psychology and my extensive office experience. Ideally, I would want to be able to be licensed as a mental health counselor in New York State, but I'm at the point that I need a job to pay for oil this winter. But the interview I had this week was really interesting and working with the army reserve and I'm not the type of person to jump from job to job.
   I am a creature of passions, so in order to try and curb my disappointment if I don't get the job, I've been reminding myself that I didn't get the job (sounds weird that negative thoughts can be positive, but it's keeping me more under control). But I'll be upset if I don't get it  because I really need one, tearfully so.

  But in the meantime, I'm working on stress reduction by doing the following:

  By working on a scarf for a calendar (so no pictures, sorry, in a few months I'll refer back to it). 

     I also started a Facebook group for Upstate New York Crafters as a contact point. I'm in many crafting groups on Facebook and they are spread around the world, which is great, but I wanted to make some local contacts for possible meet-ups.

    I've also been watching a podcast by this incredibly adorable young woman and new mom named Chelsea and also known as Knitfitch on Ravelry.com. You can find her podcasts here: Knitfitch. Her first podcast was a little slow but picked up and is very like-able. She has a new one out today that apparently isn't linkable, but you can find it through her. You can also find her blog here: http://www.knitfitch.com/

     Deconstructing a little poncho/capelet for my daughter so that I can make a larger poncho for my daughter. The picture is the poncho I'm deconstructing, it is bottom up but I think I will do it top down instead, and it will be in blue. :D

What are you up to this weekend? :D

Jen Riley