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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Designing Fun and That Time of the Month (Uh-oh)

          So around the 1st of each month I'll probably disappear as I'm always in a huge amount of pain with migraines and cramps. Yay me :D. But it usually snaps and suddenly I feel better and hit the ground running. That is probably the best time of the month for me to design, which is what I did last night! I wanted to make a kitty hat similar to one I had seen recently, but in worsted weight yarn (or medium/4, also called double knitted yarn in the UK, for my UK readers), and I succeeded! It's so cute :D

         The pattern will be for sale on ravelry and etsy by the end of this week, and it's really very simple :D. The yarn I used was Lion Brand Wool-Ease and size 8 needles. 

   On other notes, it was raining yesterday, which brought in more cold weather, brr, but at least I can wear my sweaters haha. I'm also working on another knitting book review for the blog. Any requests? Let me know and I'll check it out for the future months, I would like to do one knitting book review a month. :D

   I had to take the socks apart, much to my dismay, because they were just a tad too big, which I think was the pattern, since I was making gauge *sigh*. I'll figure it out!

  In the meantime, be well, be yarnified!

Jen Riley