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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tiny Rant on Sharing Paid Patterns

Copyright and patterns is a touchy subject and there have been a lot of blogs about it. Here is my opinion, go look up the laws if you want. My opinion is that if the pattern is one you have to purchase, you should not share it with anyone, simply tell them where to purchase it.
   There have been times where this is bent, such as having a poor friend who needs some help, or someone buys the pattern for you who doesn't craft. Nothing is black and white in this world. But in general, if a pattern is for sale, we shouldn't be sharing it via email or print to a bunch of people, friends or not.
   My reasons for this are as follows:

  1. Pattern making is hard work, it takes time and we should be respectful of the work that goes into the pattern.
  2. If someone is selling at a table and walks away, should we just take things from their table because "who will know anyway?". What kind of moral compass is that? So just because the pattern author doesn't know that you are sharing the pattern doesn't mean you should do it. Would you want to be treated that way?
  3. Times are hard, many people are using crafts and what used to be called the cottage industry in order to supplement their household income. This means that it's just done in a house by a family or individual to raise money. Was really big before industrialization, would be interesting if it came back.
   So that is just three reasons. I guess I just believe that we should think about others and whether we would want to be treated that way, the whole golden rule idea. Take it or leave it, but think about it. 
    This obviously doesn't stand for free patterns, which is what I usually use, but for patterns you have to pay for, whether out of a book, off of Ravelry, or some other website such as Etsy. Let's be respectful folks, that's all I ask.


Jen Riley

Tangledmania Shoppe