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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"These are a few of my Favorite".... Designers

 Here are a sample of my favorite designers that I've made items from in the past (and are working on right now).

  First is Martin Storey. Oh Martin. This man is a genius and you can find an example of his designs here. His focus seems to be mainly cables, which is probably why I adore him. He's mostly in England and the continent of Europe so his patterns are a little harder to get hands on at times haha. The picture to the side is one of the squares for his afghan that I'm running a knit a long for right now. :D

  Next is Doris Chan, and yes I do have a picture to show you of something I've finished of hers. The patterns is called Cinnabar and was the first sweater I ever crocheted, so lovely and soft. You can find the pattern in Everyday Crochet, which is sadly out of print but you can still find copies to purchase. The patterns in that book are just lovely!

This beautiful rocking horse baby blanket was recently sold, so if you are looking to purchase another, let me know. The designer of this beautiful item is Mary Triplett and her designs range from lace to cables.

   Could go on, here, but that would make for a very long blog entry. Be well, be happy and stay in touch!
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