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Monday, September 22, 2014

Busy Yarncrafting Beavers

I have been one BUSY BEAVER!! Wow, I'm impressed with myself! Some things I've finished lately are as follows. (Brace yourself, my good friends!)

    This one is a nice slouchy hat. I've pinned it an elfin slouchy hat because it just looks like that to me. It has a fun wooden bead on top that just finishes it beautifully! The only problem I have with cables are counting haha. I'm soo impatient! The yarn for this hat was Lion Brand Wool-Ease, very soft.

   This was a fun oak leaf cloche hat that I knitted up. It is just so nice, 100% acrylic too. My favorite thing is to not pick up stitches, but it was worth it in this case. The oak leaf was easy for me since I have plenty of practice doing those from my mother's afghan haha. This was made from Berroco Comfort yarn, so soft :D.

   This was a crocheted beret that I whipped up really quickly. Used a cool technique at the top, the magic circle (not to be mistaken for the magic loop from knitting haha), and it closed beautifully! The yarn on this and the next project below was Red Heart Unforgettable in color-way Tidal. Crazy yarn as it goes thing than thick, but yes, folks, it's supposed to be like that haha.

   This is a beautiful prayer shawl made with Red Heart Unforgettable yarn in color-way Tidal and is just soo soft.

     The last thing I want to post, since this post is getting a little long, is this shawl. It was inspired from the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon. The green is Claire's colors and the Orange is Jamie's, and how I see it is that Claire starts off alone and when she goes back in time the rows get closer together and then intertwined with each other as they fall in love but when Claire leaves the holes in the lace at the bottom are the holes left in Jamie's life as he tries to move forward. Fun huh? :D. A good book, go read the series.

Be well folks!
Jen Riley
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