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Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Crazy World of Hand Made Socks

Wow, it has been a hot weekend!! Over 80 degree's Fahrenheit both Saturday and Sunday, as if it was a last shot of summer, after Fall started (of course haha).

  So of course, I'm attempting socks again. The story behind this is I hate feet.. Just not my favorite body part, but I do know people who would love knitted socks. So I have made attempts

  1.  I've tried using a sock loom, but I'm just not a person who enjoys using looms..
  2. I've tried double point needles, and honestly cannot understand why people use those things.. I was dropping them left and right.
  3. I've tried using circulars to knit top down (which means from the calf down the sock), and I have been known to throw them across the room.
  Sad, I know. But yes, I have thrown yarn across the room in frustration, and then I cried. Husband standing by appalled at my temper tantrum.

  So last week I turned 34 and decided that I would attempt it again, since my knitting skills have improved. Why not, right? Kind of like a new years resolution, but a birthday resolution instead. And one of the things that really pushed me to want to try this was this yarn I have. 

    A few years ago I received it in the mail as part of a 90's music inspired sock yarn club. And it's striped in such a way that it just doesn't work with shawls very well. It was obviously meant to be a pair of socks. *sigh*. So last week I decided to attempt something different in socks. Toe up, versus calf-down, and I'm loving it. But keep in mind I haven't reached the heel yet, which fills me with dread.. 

  So this was an example of a single sock, and you can obviously see the stripes. :D

   The first sock was going along so well I decided to try and do two at a time (also called TAAT.. go figure). So I took that one apart and started again from the toe with two at a time, and voila, I am excited!! I'll let you know how the heel goes..

Jen Riley