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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oh What We Do For Our Children

Yes, Oh, What We Do For Our Children.. Or otherwise known as, she lost the mittens.

I love my kids, but I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of making items for children and I have a few reasons for this.

   1) They grow so quickly, you either make them something that fits for a few months to a year at most, or you make them something that is really big and they grow into it, but it never quite fits really well.
   2) They lose it. Yes, they lose it. *sigh*. If I had more money I may be able to put labels on them, but that is not in the cards.
   3) Their tastes change so quickly sometimes, ahh the finicky way of girls.

Here are some things that I have made for my kids over the past few years, and they even have pictures of my kids wearing them sometimes :).

   When my daughter started Kindergarten, I thought these mittens would be a great thing to have in school and they were my first real attempt at colorwork. The pattern went along great but she lost them in school. I spent too much on the yarn to be happy with that haha. The pattern is called "The Dancer" and you can get it in adult and child sizes. I would love to make another pair of these, so they are always up for request at my shop.

    This was a blanket I made last summer for an adopted niece, and she just loves it. I've seen her on road trips laying under it in the back seat :D. I have another one of these going right now, that is almost finished. But it has light blue squares between the rainbow repeats. I don't have a pattern link for this one since I made up the squares on my own, sorry.

   This papoose was on my blog a few weeks ago, but here is is with a large Minnie doll safely ensconced in it, just for kicks. :D The papoose is so soft though, a great find in the shop. Here is the link to the Papoose listing.

  Here's my Lizzie back in 2011. I love her "game but unsure" smile in this pictures. But she ran around the house wearing this vest for hours as if she was super girl. "Super Girl!! Tripping away!!" So adorable. This was crocheted in Caron Spa yarn, and I still wear it today, so comfy. There may be an appearance of one of these on the shop in the future.

   Lately, both my girls like to dress up in anything they can get their hands on. Wings from last Halloween, puppy hats, scarfs from the bag of scarfs next to the back door (everyone has one of those right?),  and mommy's boots (so cute when they go up to their knees!). Kids are a joy, when we don't want to duck tape them to the ceiling. No, I haven't done that, haven't you seen America's Funniest Video's? Not a good idea.

  Be well, folks. If you need something for the fall or holiday season for yourself or a loved one, let me know!

Jen Riley