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Monday, September 8, 2014

Knitting Fun and Looking for a Job

Just knitting along here.. Click, click, click... Love the sound of those wooden needles. The Tangledmania Shoppe sale was a bust, not a single thing sold. So disappointing. I would like to get more professional pictures, but it's just not in the cards right now. So I'm finishing up a few things for the shop before I focus on mittens and hats.

  This is a portion of an Outlander inspired shawl I'm working on. It's really beautiful and the yarn is such a joy! You can find the details for that on Ravelry, which I linked above.

  This one is harder to show off, but the yarn is ridiculously soft and the pattern is called Oaklet Shawl, I cannot wait to get to the lace because this straight stitch is making me itchy for other projects haha.

     This is a simple cowl, though the pattern doesn't seem so. It's fun and the yarn is malabrigo and ridiculously soft. I cannot wait to bring this shawl to the shop. The color is called Molly and it's supposed to be named after Molly Ringwald (Pretty in Pink, get it?).

  Those are what I'm working on. My daughters are a joy, and the house is still standing, but I'm freaking out about fall coming and paying for heating oil. So still desperately applying for jobs and hoping something comes through. I suppose we all have these times in our lives, when stress and caring for people makes life hard.
   The ironic thing is that I'm good at my job, as a Mental Health Counselor, and I love and am passionate about it. But I don't have a job. But as with anything, this too shall pass. Everything does!

Thanks for reading, folks, take care and I will let you know whats going on later this week!

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