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Saturday, September 13, 2014

It is all in the details... Part 1: Yarn

    Saturday post, here we go!

    The next few posts will be a discussion about details of knitting and crocheting. There are a few things I do not do, a few things I do, and a few things I want to learn to do. So hear we go and get your Internet seat belt on!!

   First, when it comes to yarn craft there are a few things to keep in mind. Most importantly -

  1. Red Heart: Generally, I'm not a fan of Red Heart Super Saver, available at my local Walmart. But I will say that the softness, or lack there-of varies from color to color... Go figure. But I will say that lately I've checked out their Boutique Unforgettable and Oh My Goodness, this is just a really fun yarn to use! Soft and a little fuzzy with thing to thick variety. So for Red Heart there is good and not so good haha.
  2. Caron: When it comes to acrylic, Simply Soft is nice and used to be a pretty cheap possibility, but lately I've seen the price up as high as over $4.40 a skein.. (compare that to minimum wage folks) so depressing. Over time, that yarn also can look a little depressing and flat. Caron also has had, in the past a yarn called Spa, which was made up partly of bamboo, if I remember correctly. I miss that stuff.. *sniffle*. 
  3. Berroco: Ahh, Berroco.. I have such a love affair with this stuff. This company has such a variety of yarns but some of my favorite are Vintage, Comfort (worsted, dk and fingering weights), and Ultra Alpaca's (fine and worsted). These are mostly mixed yarns, which means that they are a mixture of wool and acrylic, or wool and alpaca, etc. The nice thing about this brand is that they are a good low-medium range in price and a great way to introduce yourself to different types of fiber and stay affordable, so I highly recommend them. My favorite place to get this stuff is from Webs: America's Yarn Store in North Adams, Mass. (If you ever are up there in May, you need to go and have fun at their tent sale!!) The picture below made in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine.
  4. Other: The reason why I'm saying other, is because the more expensive yarns can be listed here. Such as Malabrigo and Madelinetosh (oh my, it's the 2 M's!) I just love this stuff but it can get really expensive. Nice for smaller products though. Sadly, no finished items to show off here. I'm poor folks, one paycheck from stealing internet from neighbors.. okay maybe two. :D
Well, that's part 1 about yarn. Yarn is fun, this hardly scratches the surface of even what I've used and have in my bins. The husband went out with friends tonight and the kids are sleepy so I got this out faster then I thought I would. This was supposed to be a Sunday post, but I am not known for my patience. 

  Be well, folks, and follow my blog so you can get emailed updates when I get something yarn-related on my mind. 

G'night folks!
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