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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Crafting, Depression, and Robin Williams

Evening, folks.

  First of all, this is my 50th post (how weird) and I was trying to think about what I could post that would be relevant and helpful. I don't have a bunch of other pictures to post about crafting. So with Robin Williams' sad suicide so recent and weighing on my mind I decided to write about depression and crafting. Then I went and did some research, real research in peer reviewed journals, to find all these supposed studies about the wonders of knitting and crocheting for people who are depressed or anxious (I suffer from both at various times).

  And I found nothing....

  So stymied I checked a few other sources and still found very little. Yes, there were articles in newspapers about the usefulness of it but where is the research? Where is the study that interviewed more then 30 people in a statistically relevant way? Well, I didn't find it. What I do have is a book called "Cheaper than Therapy" which was edited by Annie Modesitt which has 34 first hand accounts about the "Joy, healing & life lessons in fiber".

  I also found a "Fun Activities Catalogue", which is found on page 4 of "Behavioral Strategies for Managing Depression" pdf which you can google and it pops up easily.

   So does this mean that crafts are not proven to be a good way to combat depression? I would say no, and I'm sure there is researched journal articles out there to discuss it that I just couldn't find it through my few resources. Because I have felt the joy of finding a new pattern and adding it to my ravelry queue of favorites. Because my favorite yarn is Berroco and Malabrigo. Because I enjoy feeling the yarn slip through my fingers as I create something I find beautiful. Even if there are sometimes tears in the stitches there is passion and hope too. I have a passion for knitting and crocheting.

  Robin William's suicide hit me hard. I'm sad about it, on top of my every day stresses of having a job interview tomorrow (eek!) and the need to repair things around the Money Pit of a house (love Tom Hanks). But I have my beautiful daughters to cuddle with and shower unconditional love on, and my yarn. I can't wait to make blankets for my daughters as they find their first apartment. If they have children and get married, their choice, not mine lol, to make them knitted accessories and baby blankets will be a joy. Yes, I will get depressed, but knitting and crocheting keeps me in motion, forward motion. Even with reading there is no real progress for me.

  If you feel down, you are not alone. I truly believe that none of us are, that we are all connected in the energy of the world. If you need help, reach out. If you still need help because the person you reached out too doesn't know how to help you, reach out again. Find out what helps you and be proud and grateful to yourself that it works. But live!! :D