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Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting Organized and Bolero Wraps!

Welcome back, folks!
Finished Stuff:
A few things were finished last week and placed on the shoppe. First we have a Reversible Moorish pattern cowl, made from Interlocking Crochet by Tanis Galik.

  That was so much fun to whip up and available in alternate colors based on custom order, of course :D. 

Next was my exploring into ruffle scarves, which I will continue because it was fast and uber-easy. First you can find the youtube video I used to learn how to crochet these scarves at this link here
  And here is the Ruffle Scarf link to my shop, and a few pictures to enjoy (of course). These were seriously easy so give it a try!

In Progress:
  Ongoing stuff is as always, ongoing. As always is my St. Brigid sweater, which is so much fun. The front and back are completed (decent pictures to come) and am slowly working my way up the sleeves. The interesting thing about sleeves is how you always have to know that its constant increases :D.

Next, I'm working on a long-sleeved bolero wrap. what this means is its pretty much a really long scarf knitted on size 17 straight needles that I will seam up the sleeves and it will wrap once around the neck or body and seem back down the other arm. Fun stuff huh? Here's some eye candy for that:

  As you can see its straight garter stitch, but using the big needles makes it space out a little bit more than it would. Using worsted weight yarn, Paton's Wool. It's soft and warm and I will definitely be making this available regularly for the shop.

  So pretty much just want to finish the bolero wrap this week and hopefully get some good pictures of the St. Brigid sweater and a shawl I'm designing (I know.. I'm so excited about it :D). 

On other notes, Graduate classes start this week, my last semester ever (I hope) and I'm excited and nervous. Internship continues and hopefully by May I will be employed and actually receiving a paycheck, unlike right now as internships are unpaid. 

So let me end with a link to the Tangledmania Shoppe on Etsy and a link to my Tangledmania Shoppe Facebook page. I hope to see you around soon and let me know what you're working on! :D