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Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year, New Shoppe, New Stuff!

So whether many of you are aware, I've been busy running an etsy shop over the past few months called Tangledmania Shoppe. I've had 3 sales and currently have two more custom orders in the works! 

  With all of that in mind, I've decided to use this blog as a more "here's what I'm doing" then I can do on my facebook page for my shop and a "who I am". I'll post pictures of what I'm working on for the shop and what I'm working on for family as well, because I love custom orders and anything you see me working on is up for a custom order request any time at all! 

  This past week I had ordered yarn from Joann.com (which is taking a tad too long in my opinion, I really need to stick to Webs in North Adams, MA - yarn.com). While waiting for the yarn and needles, this is what I'm working on :D.

 It will end up being a small cowl, pretty huh? The pattern is from the book "Interlocking Crochet" by Tanis Galick. I have to give fair warning, though, I found the pattern instructions good to get me started but then put it down and when I came back I went by eye, so the book may not be for the faint of heart haha.

  Anywho, more to come. Feel free to check out my Facebook page Tangledmania Shoppe and say hi.

  Be well and happy new year!! :D