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Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year Resolution Time

So recently I finished "My Year with Eleanor" by Noelie Hancock and am inspired. Read it if you get the chance, it's phenomenal!

  Noelie tried to do something every day that she feared, which is admirable but monetarily not feasible for me, so I'm going to go another route. I'm going to try and do something really good for someone every day and not except anything back. What spurred this on was when I was driving home yesterday from a pretty crappy day at work and it was 15 degrees outside in upstate NY, I saw a young lady on the sidewalk in the city with a walker and she was holding the walker's wheel. Well, she had a baby wrapped up and covered in a car seat attached to the walker and a small child at her side and honestly she looked completely at a loss. Someone was standing next to her trying to help her but the wheel had just broken off.

  So I pulled over and got out of the way of traffic and asked her if she was okay. She kind of held the wheel helplessly and said "It broke". So I opened up the back of my mother's SUV that I was driving, pulled out my biggish stroller and hauled it over the snowbank, snapping it open, telling her to take mine.

  She looked so baffled, poor thing, and there was a line of cars beside of us but I just said good luck and hopped back in my car to get it out of the way of traffic. I couldn't drive her home because I didn't have a carseat for her other little one but hopefully she got home quickly with what I gave her.

  I'm not well off, in fact I can barely pay my bills and rent, but I want to think about other people more and less myself. If I had just passed her and continued home without giving some help I would have felt like such an ass and worse then I had already felt for my crappy day at work.

  So here started day 2 of a year (and hopefully as I get in the habit) a lifetime of trying to do good at least once every day. Whether it's sitting down and really lending an ear or lending money when I can, or knitting something for someone without them knowing it. I don't know, I'll think of different things. But my life is chaotic and so uberstressful so I'm going to try and do this to start throwing some light in my world.

Wish me luck!