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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cruise/Holmes Divorce Gossip

So I'm finding this interesting, mostly because I called it a few years ago like so many other people, especially as Katie Holmes started to look more and more unhappy. I mean body language much? So I will be the first to admit that I read People magazine, I go to their website and I enjoy the gossip (though not the mean stuff).
  Yesterday, I overheard a coworker complaining about the news of where Katie is sending Suri to school this fall being all over the radio waves this morning. She apparently thought they should be reporting about starving children, or the Syria civil war and things like that. Now I am not at all saying that that isn't important news, quite the contrary. And if you want to hear about it, cnn and all the other major news channels have information on that on the main page of their websites.
  But here's the thing. My life is hard lately, I'm dealing with cancer, and I do not have any money for bills, living paycheck to paycheck, I'm worrying about doing my internship and having to cut down on an actual paying job to do so in a year and a half. I have alot of stress. I do not have the money to even adopt a child through one of those charity agencies, nor can I go to Syria and solve their civil war problems. I will, and have, protested for some of the things in this very country I disagree with (such as banning same sex marriage or cutting funding to planned parenthood). But otherwise, I pretty much am in a place where I need to deal with what I have, and find amusement where I can.
  And people have found amusement in people who were in better financial straights then themselves for hundreds of years. Just look at Pride and Prejudice and the opening few paragraphs, who has rented a house and grounds, who has married, who has been disgraced. This type of gossiping shows us that those who have so much more money then us it literally boggles our minds, are just like us really with the same trials and tribulations (if not in money at least).
  I strive to never be vicious, but let the folks who enjoy the quandaries the rich and famous find themselves in enjoy it. It is what it is. So if I prefer to hear about Katie Holmes newfound freedom and what she is doing with it vs the war in Syria or starving children. This is not a bad thing, its a protective thing for our poor feeble lives that require us to find amusement where we can. I do not favor or encourage people who take it up to far and are cruel or stalking with it. The paparazzi need to take a chill pill. But that is my evaluation of why people find the rich and famous interesting in their comings and goings. I mean they take so many vacations when some of us haven't had one in 10 years. Its wishful thinking so we'll leave it at that.