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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another CNN article.. To exercise or sleep?


So this morning an article by Jeff Dauler called "Quad-athon: Swim. Bicycle. Run. Inspire!" was published and its a good article, very inspirational about getting in shape and running and 3 short bits of advice on how to get healthy in your head first. Good stuff.

  The problem? Well, its lovely that he has 30 minutes a day to run, but does anyone else?

So, I weigh 196 (okay 197 :P) pounds and that is only 10 pounds less then when I gave birth last August 2011. I lost 5 pounds in January (before grad classes picked up again for the Spring semester) doing 3-4 dances a night from Dance 3 on my Wii. So that was fun. Then grad school started and my schedule went to crap.

I want to lose weight, I really do. I don't want to weigh 95 lbs like I did when I graduate from high school (twig much?) but I would like to be in the 145-155 range. That would make me really happy. But I can't do it without exercising.  So I walk during my two 15 minutes breaks at work every day, and get out and walk or bike every weekend on Saturday AND Sunday (not either or haha), I've cut down my portions of food, cut out snacks and that's about all I have time to do. I do not have time to run for 30 minutes a day. And because of that, I'm back to 197 (fine, I'll be honest) and stable. So obviously I need to exercise more consistently and harder to lose weight.. But when? Seriously, when? When you have so much on your plate, when are you supposed to exercise at a gym?

When I'm not in grad school my schedule is thus:

  Wake up at 5:15 AM
  Get baby up, get her a bottle, change her diaper, feed her.
  Get dressed, cleaned up, get my bag together and out the door by 5:55 AM
  I have an hour commute on a bus
  Work from 8-4 with a half hour lunch (barely enough time to make a meal really, but I have to say that the
Smart One Meals are pretty good).
  Leave for the bus at 4 PM
  Hour commute home on the bus
  Get home and change the baby's diaper, make dinner for family, feed the baby, try and eat dinner myself, make sure 4 year old is eating, get kids ready for bed, try and have some family time with kids (yes they actually need this)
  Go to bed (around 8:30). 4 year old out by 9. I'm out a half hour later, only to be woken around 10:30, back to sleep, up again at 1am, back to sleep, up at 3am, up at 4:30 am (damn birds), up at 5:15 am

When am I supposed to get some meaningful heavy duty exercising in?
 I cannot be the only mom who is wondering this.. seriously. I cannot quit my job because I am the only person with a job as my husband is on disability and just had surgery. I have cancer so I'm trying to get as much sleep as possible with a teething baby so I'm NOT getting up at 4 am to exercise as I do not look like a bird.

Life just happens, and unfortunately, I have to realize that I'm going to be fat until I quit my job to do my internship (which is at least 20 hours a week in either Cooperstown or Schenectady.. but hoping for Cooperstown). With those hours I can exercise :P.

So here's to resigning to never being a size 8 again. But I would settle for a 12 :D

Be well, hope everyone had a great mother's day (at least everyone that actually reads this.. somebody does.. I saw the stats haha.

As my 4 year old daughter Lizzie would say: