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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Scary Mommy" and other matters

Okies so a couple of things, I'm about 39% through reading "Confessions of a Scary Mommy" by Jill Smokler (here is the link to her website: http://www.scarymommy.com/) and I feel relieved. Relieved that I'm not the only batshit crazy mom in the world who is not the picture perfect mom that society thinks we should be. We have emotions, we are individuals, and damn it we need a damn nap.
 That's me singing on the inside with my alternate, perfect personality. Meow.

If you have some money, read the book. The snippets at the beginning of each chapter alternately horrify and crack me up, so yes, I'm getting weird looks (yet again!) as I walk around my workplace, kindle in hand, laughing out loud. It's kind of like smiling at a complete stranger (why is she doing this, is she sane, will she flip out?) hehe.

  On other notes, today I submitted part of one of my novels in progress to Paper Lantern Lit (http://www.paperlanternlit.wordpress.com/). So though the few friends I have allowed to read my writing have responding positively and want to read more, I'm petrified that I will never hear. Yes I said it, I'm petrified of having my writing rejected... Ahh well, my harpy will continue to be written no matter if the world does not meet her ;).

The above picture was taken in January.. Abby (the bald one) is getting bigger (yes I promise to add more pictures from now on, makes my writing more real probably, and readable.
  Either way, EVERYONE in the house is sick. The hubby's back went out again, Lizzie threw up yesterday and is at the doctors as we speak getting checked out, but mostly to get a doctors note (a $20 dollar doctors note lol), so that we can keep her home from school and she can rest. Abby is sick too. Have you EVER heard of a baby losing their voice? Well, you have now. And yes, yes I'm having them sleep with a humidifier, but it's not a magic wand that keeps them from getting sick.

  This Friday is a full moon and I've decided to take my freaky skills at making charms to the next level and make a few this friday to sell. Need some supplies though, perhaps I'll try and find nettle in the backyards around my house, and try not to get arrested. A little bit of cooking and no more stingy.

  Well, here's to another week, be well! Be real! Most of all be sarcastic!!!