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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Attack on Facebook

Everyone is basically on Facebook, right? This is likely true. It helps you get in touch and stay in touch with old friends who may or may not live far away, right? Again, probably true. But does it really foster a sincere sense of community? I honestly believe that for weeks my friends will post (and this includes me) but very few people actually check out the posts and comment or do more then "like". For me, with all the craziness going on in my life, Facebook has not helped. No one calls me or drops by to check up on me.

  I actually do know that everyone has stress, that there is craziness in everyone's life. But there is a level that my life has gone beyond in which it would just be nice if people would circle the wagons and give me and mine support. Seriously.

  I have thryoid cancer that may or may not have spread to my kidney, I have to keep having ct scans to check it and the situation will be evaluated. Don't you just love having a life or death issue hanging over your head?

  My husband has 4 herniated discs, panic attacks, and is having gastric surgery on April 27th. So you can imagine how much fun that all is right now, right?

  My daughter Lizzie, who is four, is actually having panic attacks when I have to go to work.

  My youngest daughter Abby, who is 7 months old, was sick with fevers last week, though luckily that has resolved. At her wellness check yesterday the doctor expressed concern over her rapid head growth so she is going to be checked for hydrocephalus, which is spinal fluid on the brain. This means an ultrasound on Thursday.

This is my plate right now. My daughters are awesome, my husband is trying, but we're all either sick or stressed to the max and we have no break coming. It's like we're stuck in a tornado spinning around and around with bad news coming over and over.

My life may not be this:

But damn it why can't it be this for just a few weeks for once?