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Monday, March 19, 2012

Year of Ironic Mishaps

So, short blog that this will be, might as well update with or weird my life has gotten.
  Not supernatural or UFO weird, but the kind of ironic that makes you want to ask, what else could happen? I mean, really?

  My husband is at his normal for 4 herniated discs. My mother is becoming more and more determined to will herself to death so that then the whole world will feel sorry for her, but in the meantime I must cook every meal for her, and there is nothing wrong with her at all (but still hasn't left the house since last August..). hmm.
  Well, Mike finally lost enough weight to schedule his bariatric surgery, yes I'm still disapproving. Why? Because I'm going to have to deal with his shit once he realizes that having this surgery may make him physically incapable of overeating but he is not dealing with the reasons why he does it compulsively. But he doesn't listen to me so I'm letting it lie where it is.

  My beautiful 4 year old Lizzie broke her arm, though I'm not sure how. She was either jumping off the back of the couch or messing around in her grandmother's messy bathroom. I'm not sure which, and perhaps neither is she haha.
  Abby is doing good, though, my 7 month old, so yay!. Still a little cold but she's back to sleeping in her crib and not downstairs because she wakes herself up from coughing every few mintues.

  My white cat (I have two cats), darted out the door on Friday, and ended up the really huge pine tree in our backyard. So yesterday my husband was going on and on and almost crying about how she's going to die, and she's not answering him (probably because she doesn't like him haha) and on and on. I get exasperated (I know I sound cold, and I'm worried too but I've never heard of a cat who went up a tree and never came down when they got hungry enough. seriously.) and once outside I called to her (she of course answered) and I climbed up one tree limb that was maybe 3 feet from the ground. Seriously, just three feet. She didn't come, and I sure as hell was NOT going to climb up any higher (I'm not strong, I weight 200 lbs and am 31, so climbing trees is stupid, I KNOW this haha). So I reached my foot down to jump down, and jumped. Down on the side of my ankle and severely sprained it. So much fun. So my ankle hurts, I'm at work (yay), and of course Gwen the white cat is inside the house at home haha.

  I'm going to blame all the drama in my life on my husband, just for the day. Because he's not here at work, and because I can. You know, he actually has told me that I'm bipolar? and overemotional? Am I the pot and he's the kettle? or.. is he the pot and I'm the kettle? Oh blah, you know what? we're probably so freakin much that's why we're like this. I hate common sense when it's directed back at me. Blah :D