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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Having Fun

So I'm kind of amazed that people actually check out my blog from time to time, not alot but enough so thanks!

  Still working on doing at least 3 dances a day (in a row haha) from Just Dance 3 from Wii. It's so much fun, and I really get going on it. My husband became very irritated about my concern on my weight recently. Again, if you are overweight and I'm making comments on my own weight that has NOTHING to do with you, just me. When I graduated from high school I weighed 95 lbs, though that was unhealthy I now weigh 195 lbs so that isn't healthy either. I would like to be between 145-155 and that would satisfy my concern with weight. To some, I suppose, I do not look too overweight if they are much more overweight then I am. My husband has this huge belly (sorry honey, but you do and you know it), so perhaps my comments about my jiggley but and stomach make him feel uncomfortable. But it has nothing to do with you. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

  So, I start my low-iodine diet tomorrow in preparation for my radioactive iodine treatment to get rid of any other thyroid and or cancer cells that may still be in my body. This means no chocolate, no dairy and I have to make my own bread. Okay, I can do that. Not pregnant this time (like I was last year this time and I didn't know I was even pregnant), so breaking my chocolate obsession/addiction that I have keenly developed after having two children  will be a good thing. I have to be on this diet for two weeks, so that is how long it takes to break a habit, yes?

  After the diet ends, still no more chocolate (except one candy bar a week, or longer if I can make it) and with working on my Dance exercise regime I should be good (by the way, you can track your exercise stuff on the game, it's sooo cool!).

  I'll post a before and after pic. :P

  Everyone have a good week, time to go check in with SparkPeople (same as weight watchers online but free :P).