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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Strange Days

At work I've moved to a new office where I get to watch the entire building come and go from the elevators hehe.

I've stopped taking prozac and yet I'm still hyper and pretty happy.

I'm actually wearing heels today (freaky, I know).

Reading "1,001 Facts that will Scare the Shit out of You" is cracking me up.

Abby is 15 weeks this week and is really laughing now.

My 4 year old is becoming OCD as she arranges the xmas tree balls on the tree by color... What have I done hehe.

Forgot my knitting today.. crappiola..

Naps on the bus rock, but evil ladies who recline their seat in front of me so that it hits my knees turn me evil hehe.

A snow storm is coming tonight... so get to work and get free food.. or stay home... hmm.. the free food is making it debatable... :P