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Monday, October 17, 2011

Clouds Lifting

Okay, I know, I've been extremely down and very depressed for over a year; dealing with cancer and a sick pregnancy just sucks so forgive me as I am human. Had my Abigail Rose on August 22nd, she came the day before my scheduled csection haha. All of the stress from the first pregnancy was pushed aside for a few good reasons:

   A) My husband stayed up and took care of Abby every night for the first two weeks after I got home.

  I know, that is amazing and not many husbands do this. It actually made me very grateful to him and him appreciative of what I went through during my first pregnancy. I was so rested that people I ran into outside of the house actually remarked on how rested I looked for having had a baby recently haha. Also, losing all of the weight I gained while pregnant helped.

  So things are looking up, I still have to deal with the cancer, but after what I've gone through over the past year and a half I feel as if the hard part is over. I likely do not have any more surgeries in the near future and taking a pill or two that makes me radioactive in a way that I really won't notice (unlikely to have nausea) is not as bad as the damn spinal they worked on giving me.

  Speaking of which, has anyone else had a spinal done that hurt their back? Mine has not been the same since..

  Back to tangled, or untangling haha. I'm working on the Augusta cardigan from New England Knits again, the two fronts are almost done and all I have left are the two sleeves. My knitting and crocheting bug has reappeared in full force and I can retrieve the yarn from the bags I hid it in during my pregnancy so it doesn't make me sick (yes, just looking at yarn made me sick). I'm reading the Yarn Harlot again (such a funny and great book) and planning school attendance in the Spring..

  I miss my kids, I'm at work, and life is not perfect (as in I don't have a car and bills are still being scrambled to be made) but as usual, I can do this and part 1 has passed (the pregnancy).

  By the way, my Abby is freakin fantastic.. How do I get so lucky as to have the best little girls in the whole entire world?