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Monday, June 6, 2011

Community, Bullying, and on Being Bitchy

You all know the old saying, "leave your personal life at the door". Yeah, I love that one. I'm not a robot, anybody else? The closer I get to giving birth (I'm seven months pregnant) the more cold shoulders I get from secretaries in other offices. I have NEVER acted that way towards another person going through hard times and just do not get it when others do it. I am not asking for a shoulder to cry on, I'm asking for you to smile, to not avoid looking at me when I walk in the door to drop something off. To not get snippy at me the day I come back after being on bedrest for preterm labor. I'm not trying to make anybodies life difficult by taking time off, and the more stress I get from work the more my health suffers. Gee could there be a connection? Could be!
  My boss asks me if I could take less time off. I was in labor at work for an hour before I said anything and told him I have to go to my doctors, he asked me if I could lay down for a while and see if it would go away. Now, as someone who doesn't have kids, I'm sure that sounds reasonable to him, but my doctor wanted me to come in. So stupid me that doesn't want a confrontation, I go and lay down for an hour and leave after that without a word. Had contractions for a total of 3 hours before they stopped and was sent home by my doc.
  This past year has been hell. I discovered I had cancer last summer, had two subsequent surgeries to remove my thyroid and all cancerous cells. Then became unexpectedly pregnant and had to put off the therapy until after I'm not pregnant. This pregnancy has been nauseated, dizzy, and just overall crap. I just want to sleep, that's all... Sleep. At least I'm out of work in a little over an hour.. Almost there.