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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Success and Moving On!

Okay, perhaps until after the baby is born and my daughter adjusts I should deal with it that she will not be fully potty-trained though she'll be four. I FAIL! haha.

  On the upside, classes are done and did well, found a sanitation pickup for the trashbags in our garage (yeah hubby that was a great idea) that will only cost $35, and managed to get outside into the sun and fresh air for two days in a row!

  Will soon battle fellow secretaries over bitchiness that is becoming rampant over my baby-brain forgetfulness and absentieism (oh so sorry that my doctor was afraid I was in pre-term labor so I had to leave work early and not come back. assholes). :D.

  Finally, I bought a mountain dew today and am drinking it. Shh, don't tell my coworkers because supposedly it's evil. Really? I can have one a day if I want, one a week is nothing. 25 weeks pregnant this week and only 14 1/2 weeks to go until csection.

  Hmm.. where is my fruity snack?