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Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Ladin - I cannot rejoice..

So this morning I was feeling pretty good but everybodies happy attitude about Osama Bin Ladin's death has just dragged me pretty down. I mean exhausted down. It's ironic how you'll hear people in this country say that we're more civilized then they are over there, etc, but when something like this happens on either side people come out and actually cheer. Over a death. Somebody died.

Do I believe Bin Ladin did horrible things? Absolutely. Do I believe his death with stop terrorism in anyway? Hell no.

  And that is what bothers me. What are people cheering about? Revenge? Closer? This just ends up being a cycle where now they are going to retaliate and then we will retaliate for that and tit for tat back and forth, it's so exhausting! This is supposed to be a christian country, right? Basically that is what I've heard in the US, but if that was so, then why are we cheering over somebody dieing. Does anyone actually believe that Jesus wouldn't cry over the waste? We're fighting terrorism and hate with death and guns, instead of love and friendship. I know that sounds trite but you know why people will say that sounds trite? It's because it's damn hard. It's harder to reach out and try to understand and talk then it is to fight and subdue, but which works in the long run?

  I'm pagan, I believe in energy and the rule of three. I believe that what we do will come back on us in a worse form (if we do good in a better form). I believe that this negative energy that has been unleashed in this country to rejoice in someone being murdered is sickening. Osama Bin Ladin is now a martyr, a saint. He will likely be worshipped by some types of people and others will step up to take his place so what has really been accomplished?

  I shall not rejoice.. I cannot.