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Monday, April 25, 2011

Graduate School Graduation Planning

Is that a tongue-twister or what? :D

 So I'm bored and need cheering up so I decided to figure out when I would be done with graduate school. So after this LO is born, if I got back next January, I'll graduate May of 2016. So in five years I'll be certified to be a child mental health therapist in New York State. Very cool. It's funny because I had thought that I only had to do an internship, which would have sucked, but it turns out I need to do an externship too. But it works out as I'll be finished with all of my classes by December 2014, then in the Spring 2015 do an externship. Then for the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 wrap up my internship and I'll be done!
  I'll have to reduce my hours at my state job to do the internship but my boss knows it's coming somewhere down the line.
  Hopefully my husband is done with his college by December of 2014 so I can do that and he'll be working as a respiratory therapist, that would be nice.