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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On Being Crazy

So I've been reading up on child abuse, and mental health and on being crazy in general. It's so nice that I'm not alone :D and I am just as crazy as ever. I haven't been posting because I'm trying abide by the phrase "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". Doe sit help? Hell no, it still keeps blabbing on in my head. I will not talk on here about work (I do not want to get fired) and I will not talk on here about specific things that are bugging me, let's talk about general items and news articles.

  For one, Ghadafi is batshit crazy. End of story.

  For two, Babycenter.com rocks and most of the women on there are awesome. I went crazy on them this past weekend though as a one woman started a post asking people to not post about their labor stories (this is in an August 2011 Due Date group). Okay, that sucks but I can understand if it's stressing her out, but don't read it. BUT... THEN.. some crazy woman replies to her and actually says that most women are dramatizing our labor stories and they weren't that bad. What made it worse is that my own mother had said the same thing to me. The woman who asked me, while I was in labor, to be a little more quiet. Oooo... teapot screeching right there. So I replied about how harsh she was and how wonderful that she had a wonderful time in labor but she needs to grow some empathy and kindness. I mean what is wrong with people?

  Why do I end up wanting to ask people that I KNOW go to church and then come to work or into general public and act like cold asskholes "What would Jesus do?" Would he really act the way you're acting? Do you have any kindness or compassion or is your one goal in your boring life to make mine miserable, don't worry I do a pretty good job of that myself. Now given, I do tend to overreact with my pregnancy burrowing a hole in my head.. but still. How can you go to church one day and pray to god and about peace and being kind to your brother man then leave church and act like an ass. Really? I'm pagan and I'm pointing this out, doesn't that seem wrong?
  Oh well. apparently I needed to vent. Here is what I'll cede. I'm a bitch, I'm cranky, I'm hormonal, I'm batshit crazy, and I really need to move into the woods and get away from so many goddamn people. BUT at least if someone seems like they are in pain in any way, I try to have empathy and tone it down. At least I keep it mostly in my head (and my middle finger in my pocket). Grr.