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Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Year.. But Some of the Same Old

So I'm still a cranky moody bitch, but I can blame some of it on pregnancy! I'm 9 weeks pregnant and got to see the babies heart beating yesterday (179 bpm) and boy did it wiggle alot, which was cute. It's still about the size of a grape but it's growing so fast it's crazy. Being pregnant is one of the strangest things that happens to the human body on this planet, think about it. We expand and expand and finally birth a baby painfully, and weird things happen during pregnancy too. I thought about putting strawberry jam on a hotpocket, mixing hot and sweet.

  This is my second pregnancy, and my daughter is 3 but will be 4 years old 3 days after the baby is due, I can pick a day to have a csection so I'll probably try and pick it earlier rather then later for a few reasons, though it depends of course on how the pregnancy is going. First of all, I would like to be home for my daughter's bday, many hospitals do not let little kids into the maternity ward to see their parents. Second of all, I don't want the babies birthday too close to Lizzie's so that, if they prefer, they can have separate birthday parties and everything. If they want to have shared bday parties, cool, if not I want to make sure they have that option. Individuals :D.

  My Lizzie keeps asking when the baby is coming home haha. So cute!