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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meth House - and other thoughts

Okay so here are some links to a cause I feel strongly about. I bought a house a few years ago and it may not have been a methlab, but the former owners did NOT watch this old house.

On another note, really feeling the strain from the end of the semester. When I got home last night, my daughter was already asleep. I was able to carry her to her room, but I miss hanging out with her. Sometimes, especially when I'm burned out at the end of the semester, I question whether or not college is a good idea. But on the other hand, the goal is that when I'm finished I can be a child mental health therapist in Schoharie county and be very close to home. I hope it works out, at least close to what I hope.

Still knitting and crocheting like crazy, using Caron Spa and Premier Soft Worsted Weight, oh my favorites right now! Also have a wool yarn I'm using but I'm tempted to frog it, just not loving how it looks. Maybe I'll attempt to do some felted with it. It's a nice red.