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Friday, October 29, 2010

Absentia - Health Issues

Sorry that I haven't been on lately, so much drama going on with health concerns. If you didn't know, I have thyroid cancer but I'm doing really good with it. On the other hand, a very close friend of mine has a brain tumor and is getting it removed on the 3rd, so very stressed out over that. Along with health problems comes the normal money issues, which are just bad.

  On the good side, some money  has come in which helps with putting together a halloween costume for my 3 year old, signing up for Crochet Guild of America (YAY!) and buying a decent set of crochet hooks (soft touch).

  I'm working on a blanket for the in-laws for xmas, and I have a growing list of items to make for other folks. Full speed ahead toward xmas! :P. anybody else excited?

Pictures of what I've finished forthcoming, if I can get them transfered, stupid things haha.