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Friday, February 9, 2018

Holy January Pictures, What Did You Work On?

January is over.


To rehash January:
My crafting mojo was strong in the month of January.. Washcloths and tarot card bags and dyeing yarn, oh my!

Tarot Card Bags galore (using a Lucet!! Video at the bottom on how to use one):

Washcloth fun!: 

That is just a bit of what I've been working on in January.

February uptick:

Now it is Feburary, and with the Ravellenics starting tonight (anyone else going to watch the olympics?) I have been waffling back and forth about what projects I would work on for it. This means that of course I am Team Hopelessly Overcommitted, so me with my startitis. What team are you on if you are playing?! Comment below!

 I started the cowl I wanted to do for it too soon (very observant of me HAHA). So changed my project to the O.W.L. Mittens, so yay for colorwork and eventhand. :)  (Not my picture).
This is a great choice for me since I'm hoping to participate in a Harry Potter trivia game this Sunday and have been re-reading the books in preparation.. Only made it to the third... I'm sad, but at least I can answer those questions!! Right, Professor Lupin?! 

Anyway, are you photo'd out? What was your January like? Did you dye yarn? Knit? Crochet? Work on a cross stitch? Were you in pain from the cold? Did you have to dig yourself out?

Be well and stay warm!

Spring is in 38 days. :)

Be Well!

Lucet Video:

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Crafting Fail?! Bah! Learning Opportunity, and More

This past month has been so busy.

Not enough yarn dyeing, quite a few wash cloths, and preparation for a mystical faire that I am vendoring in, come February. I just feel as if I won't have enough items, but I will keep going. 

Crafting Fail:
Sometimes, the first version I do of something just does not come out right AT ALL. This happened last night, I attempted an owl basket.. The eyes just don't look right and I think I should have crocheted an actual triangle for the nose/beak haha.

So I stuffed it with yarn, which makes it look bloated, but the eyes are too far apart, and perhaps different sizes ROFL. So bad. Oh well. Will attempt again. Go me! :P #craftfail You just have to just laugh sometimes, you know?

Dyeing Adventures:

These were just such fun to dye, hand painted mostly.

 This one was dyed with a paper towel so that I would have a marbled effect. :)

Color test!!

Trying for copper....

Finished Objects:
  So much knitting and crocheting this month.. I won't show the venus dolls (based off of venus of willendorf) that I crocheted, they do have breasts and I won't want to offend anyone. But I just love the many washcloths, tarot card bags and the Rockin' Slouch by StevenBe I finished. 

  So far, I've finished 12 items since the end of the year, maybe aiming for 80 this year. Will be fun!

Working on:
 Long term, there are always a few projects that I'm working on, one of them is the Celtic Dragon MKAL Scarf by Tania Richter. Yay for the double knitting!

Be Well!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Crafting Chaos

Well, I feel as if it should be the second half of January, not just 90 days in. My days are so full and I have so many balls that I am juggling, which is a good thing because though it is a lot I am very blessed.

First of all, Christmas crafting is OVER!!! So happy about this and cannot go on about that enough. I ended up making 4 princess blankets (crocheted) and they were actually really fun! Well done Carol Hladick

As soon as the holidays ended I was off and running in preparation of crafts for a show I'm doing on February 10th. Plans include another one of these princess blankets, tarot card bags, washcloths, a wonder woman shawl and anything else I can think of for fun.

  Still plodding away on my book, up to over 26 thousand words, more than I've ever written for one creative writing project, or any writing project.. even my thesis for my master's degree. I sent a chunk of it out for editing/opinion before Christmas and have not heard back, fills my heart with dread.

  Also, I started a new fun thing: online tarot card readings. You can find information on that here: Spiritual Tarot and Oracle Readings

  Everyone is healthy in my household, for the most part. The cold has snapped (phew!) and 30's feel's positively balmy! 

  Stay safe this winter, my friends.

Be Well!