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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Crafting Chaos

Well, I feel as if it should be the second half of January, not just 90 days in. My days are so full and I have so many balls that I am juggling, which is a good thing because though it is a lot I am very blessed.

First of all, Christmas crafting is OVER!!! So happy about this and cannot go on about that enough. I ended up making 4 princess blankets (crocheted) and they were actually really fun! Well done Carol Hladick

As soon as the holidays ended I was off and running in preparation of crafts for a show I'm doing on February 10th. Plans include another one of these princess blankets, tarot card bags, washcloths, a wonder woman shawl and anything else I can think of for fun.

  Still plodding away on my book, up to over 26 thousand words, more than I've ever written for one creative writing project, or any writing project.. even my thesis for my master's degree. I sent a chunk of it out for editing/opinion before Christmas and have not heard back, fills my heart with dread.

  Also, I started a new fun thing: online tarot card readings. You can find information on that here: Spiritual Tarot and Oracle Readings

  Everyone is healthy in my household, for the most part. The cold has snapped (phew!) and 30's feel's positively balmy! 

  Stay safe this winter, my friends.

Be Well!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Best Christmas Crafting Tip

So many of us are burning ourselves out, right now, to finish the projects that we want to give or have been requested or have been ordered. 

  Here is the Christmas Crafting Tip that I came up with today, like a lightning bolt out of nowhere. 

Do What You Can and Let The Rest GO!

 I hear what you are already saying. 

 "But I promised!" Or "But maybe I have enough time!"

Maybe you do, maybe you don't. And I am not saying to stop crafting. Nope. I am saying, that you do what you can, without making yourself crazy, and let the rest GO.  

  In my case, I'm focusing on orders, than a few small gifts. I have 4 princess blankets that I wanted to make from CHCreations4U. So freaking cute, look at these!!

  I told my cousin that I wanted to make one for each of her kids and I want to make one for each of my kids. 

  You know what? She will understand if they are not ready until after the holidays. In fact, I may not even see her kids until then. 

  As for my kids, as long as I finish these two items, my kids will be happy:

You know why it's okay? Because my cousin will understand and we can only do so much!! If my cousin didn't understand than I probably wouldn't be making things for her little ones to avoid the stress of making something for someone who isn't particularly nice. But my cousin is awesome, yay me for having such a nice one.

  So take a deep breath and repeat after me, one more time.

Do what you can and let the rest GO!!

  Have a great holiday season!!

Be Well,

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Holiday Blues/Stress?

Thanksgiving is over and my holidays blues have been in full swing. 

What are the holiday blues?

To me, that is when I get stressed out over the holidays because of past bad memories, worries over money, people get sick (me and my youngest), and general craziness from having to knit/crochet a bunch of things for my kids and husband for Christmas.

So I wanted to go over a few things that empathic introverts (like me) need to do to survive the holidays.

1) I know you've got a lot of crafting to do, but try to space it out. Even though you are hiding it from family members, try to not overwhelm yourself with craft orders/requests from family members. It is okay to say no. 

2) As an introvert, I do not like being out and about, but the stress can really make a dark cloud hang over me, so it's important to be with other people. I watch a movie with my kids. It doesn't have to be with a huge group of people, but get out and craft while watching a movie with your bestie. *Sip, k1, p1* repeat.

3) Show some compassion for yourself. The cycle of depression and stress is actually something that you both experience from the life around you and in a way a habit that you've formed in your head of repetitive thoughts, which fuel feelings. It's not easy to have a bunch of repetitive thoughts that are negative going around in your head over and over. Compassion for yourself!

Something else that happens when you get depressed is that sometimes things slip by you. I make more mistakes when I am forcing myself to keep going at work than any other time. This happens, it's okay. And honestly, most of the time the mistakes are not as big a deal as you think they are, you're just in the head space to be really hard on yourself, I know I am.

The holidays are rough for so many of us. We are not kids with just the anticipation of a vacation and presents, no worries about paying bills or relationships (generally). Not like we do as adults, anyway. So give yourself a break, and for the holidays give yourself the gift of kindness.

Crafting fun:
I'm working on a pair of socks for my husband and then I need to get started on these two toys for my daughters, they are crocheted and the designs are by Krawka on etsy. Her designs are AMAZING! 

My youngest is fierce so I'm making her a brunette version of this doll: 

And my oldest daughter loves gryphons so I'm making her one of these:

I cannot start these until I've finished the 12 Cthulu hats and one pair of Peace de Resistance mittens that were all ordered for Christmas. Phew! Though, the Cthulu hats are actually really fast and easy to make. Should be done this weekend.

Keep your chin up, the holidays will pass and we will still have three months of crappy, snowy, weather to contend with. We can do this. We can make it through to the other side. Don't give in, don't sink below the waves. Fight. Fight. Fight!
Be Well!