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Friday, January 11, 2019

Reading Escapades

Oh yes, reading is an adventure. It's a safe place to feel, a place to rest your head. A place to find a friend and make connections without expectations. A book is a doorway into a new world where you may learn something new about yourself or others or the world. 

Last year I read 96 books, according to goodreads.com (phew!) and so this year I put a goal of 100 books. So lets give it a go, right? 

I actually started rereading the Dune series at the end of 2018. I didn't start with the original by Frank Herbert, oh no, I started with the series his son Brian Herbert and his coauthor Kevin J. Anderson concocted together. And they are amazing (and many). Before the Dune series is the trilogy that goes over the beginning of the Atriedes, and the eventual fall of the Intelligent computer Omnius, way before the original Dune book events occur (like hundreds of years). Start with The Butlerian Jihad and be ready to shell out the cash for ALL of these books, you won't ant to stop.

In my opinion, these two wrote novels that are easier to read, compared to Brian's father (though of course we love those books too). But each of these books that these two write are tombs because Kevin and Brian really are really dedicated to developing the characters of the Dune universe. So if you are rushing to fill a book number to read quota, these may not be your ticket. But if you want a really good read, sit back and just enjoy because these worlds are fascinating.

I've also started reading an ethics book written by Robin Wood, famous for her Robin Wood Tarot, called When, Why ...If. This book was introduced to me by the head of a local Wiccan Coven that I will be studying with (me nervous about strangers? nah). It was published in 1996 and goes over the ethics of the karma (whatever you put out comes back on your times 3, no matter good or bad) and breaks it down to Honestly, Self, Love, Help, Harm, and Sex (roughly). 

Now, I've taken ethics classes before, in graduate school, so I am finding this book fascinating as it is coming from a Wiccan perspective and it is amazing to me how much of it I got innately. I was raised Protestant originally, with the "Do Unto Others as You Would Have Done Unto You" being a house rule above all others. And I am trying to raise my kids the same. This book dives right down and asks you the really hard questions about yourself in a way that is, frankly, refreshing. How well do you know yourself?

What else am I reading?.. Hmm.

Oh yes! The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller and boy am I inhaling it. Now, I do have a time to time criticism about some historical tidbit, but I try to never let that get in the way of a good story with well developed characters, and this is a good story. I have never been a huge fan of Achilles, I was more like, Eh. But this story is told from the perspective of Patroclus, the lover of Achilles. It's really very heartbreaking from multiple perspectives, the idea that Achilles knew he was going to die at Troy, but he went anyway? It's really quite poignant. 

This book is leading up to me reading Circes, but I wanted to wait until I finished this one. Madeline does a wonderful job making her characters seem, human. These are mythological men (and goddesses) and she makes it so that we both understand, hate, like, relate and wonder at these characters. It's really very good and I wholeheartedly suggest it, though I'm only 57% into the book. 

What are you reading? 

Did you go make a plan for the goodreads challenge?

Read on, my friends! Read on!


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Upcoming Shop Update

This weekend, I'll make a big effort to make sure my etsy shop is updated with everything ready. 

I just ordered 40 skeins of yarn (20 fingering/sock and 20 dk weight) but as I am marching in the women's march on the 19th, I am not sure that the yarn will get here in time for me to dye up this weekend. So look to the end of January/beginning of February for a yarn shop update.

Be well and safe this winter!


Monday, January 7, 2019

Geeky or Nerdy Crafting?

After the holidays, I turn towards what craft shows I will be doing.. (no idea as of yet). 

What should I be making this year? (kind of depends on the craft shows I do, because I am enjoying being specific to the shows, like goddess dolls and pagan washcloths.. oh the cotton).

Are there any CAL's (Crochet a long's) or KAL's (Knit a longs) that I am fascinated about? Meh..

Typing this out already helps to remind myself what sells.. Like my rude mittens (And The Horse You Rode In On by Karin Aida) 

I sold every single pair of those, including the pair I meant to keep for myself (eek!). Yes, they are definitely rude lol.

So definitely need to make more of those (I made 8 pairs last year... and already have one order from a friend for another pair for this year).

What else? Some fun mittens like these Direwolf Mittens by Carly Hill (I am such a dork!). 

I want to geek out on my knitting this year, you know?

Like with these "The Dark Side" mittens by JennyPenny. Geek OUT! :) 

The year of the mitten? Or the year of the Geek? I'm not sure... Doesn't matter! The year of the FUN! ☺

In other news, my obligatory knitted pair of socks are well on their way to the heal. I'm using the Window Pane Socks pattern by Lisa Stichweh. Made in stroll (color is no longer available through knitpicks.com, sorry). 

Being as today's Monday and Monday's are hard and generally annoying, I started my day off with Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Dark Willow will soon make an appearance too). Who isn't feeling a little angsty today? Good thing I don't have a crossbow (insert evil laugh)!!

Be well folks. Be geeky, funny, dorky, ironic, and nice. But be yourself and revel in it!