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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Mom Has To Do Everything, Right?

Hard post to write, but as mom's and strong women, we have to do everything, right?

We are responsible for making sure the homework gets done.

We are responsible for keeping track of all appointments.

We are responsible for the bills

We are responsible for working full time.

We are responsible for organizing chore list for kids (and making sure it gets done)

We are responsible for buying the xmas presents..

We are responsible for putting up the goddamn tree and all decorations (even though the lights trigger migraines).

We are responsible..

Wow, I am so tired. So overwhelmed. The holidays and colder seasons are always harder on me because I have to reconfigure money to pay for heating oil and the holidays have stressed me out since I was a little girl. But maybe I can ask my doctor for valium or something? Because, seriously. 

If I say anything to family, I get the "you aren't responsible for everything, ask for help." 

Why the heck don't you offer and step up? Why do I have to keep doing everything while no one notices that I feel like I'm drowning, clawing my way to stay above water.

Being 38 years old, I know these feelings will pass somewhat with the holidays. But still rough to have them.

I am just so freaking tired.


Monday, December 3, 2018

Holy Holiday Season

Seriously. Anyone else down with the blues due to the holidays and a touch of seasonal affective disorder ramping up depression? I noticed that I tend to write less when I feel down, and then after I finished something like 7-8 pairs of these mittens I have been having trouble crafting too, lost my crafting mojo a little.

Losing our crafting mojo when we have to get our butts in gear to make gifts for our family (little ones) is hard.

I had promised my two daughters that we would go see the new Wreck it Ralph movie at our local theater Friday night, and all I could think about on the hour bus ride home was how exhausted and sick I felt. Sick in spirit, rather than body, really. 

I even asked my husband for a ride home, but he couldn't because he was watching our girls and my cousins daughters too, which I didn't realize. So I walked. And I felt better in the cold air, moving my legs and looking forward to getting home and seeing my beautiful daughters. 

By the time I got home, I felt a little better, and my youngest was so excited to go see the movie she had refused to take off her coat so I just couldn't back out. So we went. It was good, I cried as I always do during Disney movies, and my two daughters both ended up cuddling with me. Their heads on my shoulders as we watched made me happy.

Saturday, I had a craft show and being "on" for hours was something I was worried about. And it turns out I should have looked at the application from months prior again because I wasn't taking the money and the church was taking a cut, so I haven't gotten the money I earned from selling stuff yet.. And I did well, so that will help with xmas.

After the fair, my oldest (who I had dragged with me haha) and I went to have Denny's for dinner, then zipped down the street to JCPenny's to buy her an outfit for her concert this week (why is white on top and black on bottom so hard to find in her size?). 

But was my weekend over? Oh no! Because I had promised my youngest we would go see Santa at the local high school for Breakfast with Santa. So we got up early on Sunday and off we went. She hated the breakfast, loved the facepainting, crafts and Santa with a real beard (boy, did he look good, well done!). After an hour or so we were already home, and I bowed out of going to the last Knitting Guild meeting of the year. I just couldn't do it.

Phew, what a weekend. Seriously. But my husband had surgery the other week on his back, so we really hadn't done all the much thru Thanksgiving. 

After my fair, I realized I had sold almost all my small items. So I'm making plans to figure out what mittens and hats to make for my shop this coming year. And more ornaments, because those went super fast.

Life is chaotic, and honestly, control is an illusion. Be yourself, be kind to yourself and others around you. Go out of your way to be kind to others. 

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Rhinebeck Fun (Late Post, I Know, Sorry)

Rhinebeck was so fun, as always, but freezing. This was particularly ironic as last year the high was 78, though it felt like 90 haha. 

This year, we were all grateful for our sweaters, and the sun when it came out. I swear we all huddled at the tables together to block the wind.  Of course, I ate nothing healthy and simply enjoyed some knitting (And The Horse You Rode In On by Karin Aida - free pattern). 

  I also enjoyed one of the books I bought there by Clara Parkes, who I was lucky enough to be able to get her to sign it (so awesome, of course, awkward person that I am, I said nothing... Literally nothing but smiled and said a small joke about my stash being insane..). She was so nice!! I highly recommend her funny books too. 

  Originally I had dozens of photos, but the expert camera I brought crapped out from the cold (the batteries did) and I ended up snatching these on my cell phone. Some really nice ladies were selling hemp tea.. not my cup of tea (har har) but I did get some nice apple cider herbal tea from them. Check out The Tea Can Company!

Wandering around, there were people draped in shawls, sweaters, and all sorts of warm woolie items. As usual, most people were pleasant and polite. I went on a Sunday so there was barely a line at Miss Bab's (like because it was so cold too). 

  I didn't go planning on getting a great deal, and probably spent more on books then almost anywhere else. But my favorite future sweater was found there, and I do plan on making it at some point. Ironically, I found it at the end of the day when I was trying to stay warm and waiting for my carpooling group to show up at the gate. They didn't have any patterns left for me to purchase but I did catch the name of it to check out on Ravelry, which I promptly did, of course. Love the cables so much!! Gramps Cardigan by Kate Oakes.

The store was lovely, across from the baskets, called Briar Rose Fibers, they are the ones that hosted that sweater I coveted and will be making in all it's cabled glory. Their yarn was lovely and the owners were positively charming, especially with letting random people like me cozy up to the space heater. Thank you so much!

Another hilarious sighting, which made me so happy at the end of the day, was these monsters, knitted and slouched in on themselves at the Good Karma Farm booth. Seriously, how adorable!!!!

When I go to the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival, I always get a basket. Always and without a fail. This year, I did get a basket, the first thing I get. I also got some yarn from The Spinners Hill, a semi-local to me booth. Three books (two signed by the author lol). Some fudge, which my daughter started to steal from me. Some buttons and some maple sugar candy for my mother. Not a bad day, if too cold. And two sweaters are now on my list of sweaters to work on next year. 

I have to admit, the day was beautiful, look at that sky. There were clouds that seemed to blow by but mostly it was sunny, if cold. It was not a bad way to pass the day, and I certainly got my steps in, met up with some friends, had some unhealthy things to eat, and managed to keep myself in my budget (wow). All in all. Glad I went.