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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Rhinebeck Fun (Late Post, I Know, Sorry)

Rhinebeck was so fun, as always, but freezing. This was particularly ironic as last year the high was 78, though it felt like 90 haha. 

This year, we were all grateful for our sweaters, and the sun when it came out. I swear we all huddled at the tables together to block the wind.  Of course, I ate nothing healthy and simply enjoyed some knitting (And The Horse You Rode In On by Karin Aida - free pattern). 

  I also enjoyed one of the books I bought there by Clara Parkes, who I was lucky enough to be able to get her to sign it (so awesome, of course, awkward person that I am, I said nothing... Literally nothing but smiled and said a small joke about my stash being insane..). She was so nice!! I highly recommend her funny books too. 

  Originally I had dozens of photos, but the expert camera I brought crapped out from the cold (the batteries did) and I ended up snatching these on my cell phone. Some really nice ladies were selling hemp tea.. not my cup of tea (har har) but I did get some nice apple cider herbal tea from them. Check out The Tea Can Company!

Wandering around, there were people draped in shawls, sweaters, and all sorts of warm woolie items. As usual, most people were pleasant and polite. I went on a Sunday so there was barely a line at Miss Bab's (like because it was so cold too). 

  I didn't go planning on getting a great deal, and probably spent more on books then almost anywhere else. But my favorite future sweater was found there, and I do plan on making it at some point. Ironically, I found it at the end of the day when I was trying to stay warm and waiting for my carpooling group to show up at the gate. They didn't have any patterns left for me to purchase but I did catch the name of it to check out on Ravelry, which I promptly did, of course. Love the cables so much!! Gramps Cardigan by Kate Oakes.

The store was lovely, across from the baskets, called Briar Rose Fibers, they are the ones that hosted that sweater I coveted and will be making in all it's cabled glory. Their yarn was lovely and the owners were positively charming, especially with letting random people like me cozy up to the space heater. Thank you so much!

Another hilarious sighting, which made me so happy at the end of the day, was these monsters, knitted and slouched in on themselves at the Good Karma Farm booth. Seriously, how adorable!!!!

When I go to the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival, I always get a basket. Always and without a fail. This year, I did get a basket, the first thing I get. I also got some yarn from The Spinners Hill, a semi-local to me booth. Three books (two signed by the author lol). Some fudge, which my daughter started to steal from me. Some buttons and some maple sugar candy for my mother. Not a bad day, if too cold. And two sweaters are now on my list of sweaters to work on next year. 

I have to admit, the day was beautiful, look at that sky. There were clouds that seemed to blow by but mostly it was sunny, if cold. It was not a bad way to pass the day, and I certainly got my steps in, met up with some friends, had some unhealthy things to eat, and managed to keep myself in my budget (wow). All in all. Glad I went.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Rhinebeck Pre-Jitters

What am I going to wear? Will it rain? What am I going to buy? I really do not need more yarn.. though I will buy some fiber for a trusty new (to me) spinning wheel..

What to do?

Okay, okay. It's okay.

I'm going to get a new basket..

I'm going to buy some fiber...

Maybe a book and get it signed?

Lots of buttons, maybe a souvenir if there are any left on Sunday.

Where are the apple dumplings?!! I want one Sunday!!

Omgerd, counting down to Rhinebeck people!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Me oh My!

Good morning! Happy Wednesday and look, it's the sun! (finally).

This past weekend I spent vendoring at a Medieval Faire in Fort Plain, NY (not very successfully) and presented some cute medieval princess blankets. I may keep one for myself, but the rest are going to go up into my shop at www.tangledmaniashoppe.com as soon I can get a decent picture (not easy with their size haha). 

I also was making knitted goddess doll after knitted goddess doll, and I stuffed some of them with lavender (yum).

Now that all of that craziness is over, I'm very happily tucked into the Portree Sweater by Martin Storey and am in deep love with the pattern.

The yarn is from knitpicks, swish dk. And as long as I can find the missing ziplock bag in my stash (or somewhere around the house), I will really enjoy making this sweater. The only issue I have with this sweater is that it is in pieces, so I'm doing colorwork on the purl side, which makes my head hurt haha. This is definitely going to be my Rhinebeck sweater.

I hope everyone is doing well and you have had a beautiful summer. 

Be Well!