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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Me oh My!

Good morning! Happy Wednesday and look, it's the sun! (finally).

This past weekend I spent vendoring at a Medieval Faire in Fort Plain, NY (not very successfully) and presented some cute medieval princess blankets. I may keep one for myself, but the rest are going to go up into my shop at www.tangledmaniashoppe.com as soon I can get a decent picture (not easy with their size haha). 

I also was making knitted goddess doll after knitted goddess doll, and I stuffed some of them with lavender (yum).

Now that all of that craziness is over, I'm very happily tucked into the Portree Sweater by Martin Storey and am in deep love with the pattern.

The yarn is from knitpicks, swish dk. And as long as I can find the missing ziplock bag in my stash (or somewhere around the house), I will really enjoy making this sweater. The only issue I have with this sweater is that it is in pieces, so I'm doing colorwork on the purl side, which makes my head hurt haha. This is definitely going to be my Rhinebeck sweater.

I hope everyone is doing well and you have had a beautiful summer. 

Be Well!

Monday, April 23, 2018

The Day of the Forgotten Projects

I made a mistake yesterday... and this morning. A big crafty mistake...

Are you ready?

Did you brace yourself?

I forgot my crochet hook (for the crochet project in my bag) and I forgot to put a replacement knitting project in my bag (I finished a shawl last night). 


Yes.. That means..

I am craftless today at work!!!!!

Okay, deep breaths.. I can do this... I can survive this! So what if today is day two of a very painful period...

Backup plan? I do have my charged kindle and I do have a movie on it, so I think I can make that swing during lunch.. But the way home will be just reading.

And hey, I love knitting, but to not have a craft in hand is just... alien to me! So I hereby dub today:
The Day of Forgotten Projects

Because I am one of those people who has dozens of projects I could be working on, not including all the rainbow stuff I need to finish for June 2nd. So ya. Let's add an extra torture on my day, as if I'm not a little cranky as it is.

In Other News:
  I have been dyeing yarn, so yay! Here is a smidge of what I've been working on.

This is the shawl I just finished, though this is a very pre-finished picture (it is soaking right now and will be blocked out tonight). It is Taliesin by Lucy Hague.

Besides a huge plethora of rainbow themed (and other pride flags) of washcloths, headbands, dolls and more (oh my), I do need to work more on this wedding shawl for a good friend of mine. It is called Wedding Belle and the design is by Kristi Holaas.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as to my project pile. Hopefully, with my stress at work vastly reduced, I can plow through it this year. :). With me luck!

Be Well!

Come on, that's funny!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival Tips and Tricks

So you want to go to go to the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival this year? Well, here is some fun planning ideas:

Rhinebeck Sweater Planning:
  Oh yes, this is a tradition going back and back. Get those needles out, pick out a sweater pattern (hope it's not hot as hades), get the yarn and get cracking!

   Last year I knit the Hitch Pullover by Vanessa Ewing, knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca (50% wool/50% alpaca, love this yarn). Don't do what I did, I started it on October 4th and finished it 16 days later. Seriously. Don't do that. (insert evil/crazy/maniacal laugh). I actually bought the buttons at the fair the next day.

This year I'm planning ahead (look at me go!). I'm starting Julie's Sweater by Kristen Tendyke, and hopefully I will have a mini version for my ten year old done this year too. I will be knitting mine up in Berroco Vintage, Black Cherry and my daugher's in the same yarn, Blue Moon.

That takes care of the Rhinebeck sweaters.

So what next?

What day to go?

Now this can depend on a few things.. Do you want to take a class? Are you car pooling? Saturday will definitely be crazier than Sunday, but some unique colorways may be sold out by Sunday. For example, Miss Babs usually has a colorway specifically for Rhinebeck, and quite often you can only purchase one, but sometimes you can find someone in line that will by the other if you are lucky (I did that for someone last year). 

Both have good sides, and sometimes the decision is made for you if you volunteer at a yarn booth for a few hours (I've done this). 

Are there events you want to attend? Like competing the in the speed spinning or speed knitting/crocheting competitions? I tried my hand at the speed knitting, and at least I wasn't the slowest!! :) 

Plan Your Day

If you want to stay with your group (if you car pooled), planning is important. I like to go off and meet up later, that way I can meet people and zip off to what I need to do, so much fun! 

First place to stop? Do you want a basket? By basket, I mean the beautiful and colorful Africa Bolga baskets that the Catskill Native Nursery sells at Rhinebeck every year. They bring them flat so you will see them using water to reshape them and you just have to paw through the pile of baskets and pick the one you want. I've managed to get my hands on two so far. 

Getting the basket first is great because it dries as you walk around and you can use it to carry your purchases (see? Ah Ha moment, right? joking). :)

This leads to my next tip:

Pick One or Two Patterns

So next, you need to have planned for one or two yarn purchases. Pick two patterns and find the yarn for them. You can find the list of vendors if you want (I love Miss Babs and Dragonfly Fibers in particular), and look on their website to figure out what you will be keeping an eye out for. Perhaps a gradient mini kit? Perhaps enough yarn for a shawl? Socks more your style? 

Planning helps keep you in a budget (just saying haha, not from personal experience of anything).


Next thing you know, it's lunchtime. The lines will be long, and there is a ton of different types of food (but a ton of lamb, seriously...). So be prepared to stand on already tired and sore feet for food, but luckily people are usually really friendly when it comes time to find a spot to sit and eat. The grounds are really clean too, woot!

Rest of the Day

If you are a power shopper like me, by lunch you had gotten everything you planned for, which leaves the rest of the day for fun wandering. That is when I went and did the speed knitting contest, so fun. 

Perhaps it's time to meet up with your friends, perhaps there is a knit and chat meet up going on. Perhaps there is a ravelry meet up going on. 

Rhinebeck is really fun with what seems like a gazillion things to do. 

Oh, one other tip, if you need a handicapped scooter, make sure you reserve it as soon as they are available.

The website for the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival is: https://sheepandwool.com/

The dates for 2018 are: October 20-21, 2018. 
The hours are different this year: 9am-5pm on Saturday, 9am-4pm on Sunday.

Hope to see you there! 

Be Well,