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Monday, November 6, 2017

Poetry: Feeling Overwhelmed

Taking each breath
Unable to smile..
Usually I am so friendly and loud.
But currently I cannot
I just cannot think
As my brain just fogs up and freezes.
Sometimes it's too much
The car
The money
The responsibility always there.
Sometimes it's so heavy
the weight on my shoulders
The worry about making it
To the next paycheck with food.
Desperately wondering
Am I doing this right?
What else can I do?
Scrambling for ways to fix it.
But it is not fixable
This is my life.
My complicated
Messed up
Sometimes depression filled life.
When too much is riding
On each decision I make
The panic rises up when so much is at stake.
Feeling so lonely
Wishing I could do it
Not wanting to ask for help.
Not wanting to reach out.
I cannot smile
I cannot breath
I feel stifled
I feel alone.
I just

Knitpicks: Merry Knitmas Pattern Book Review - Ornament Style

I promised you a review of the Merry Knitmas book from Knitpicks.com, and here it is!

In getting ready for a holiday craft show, where I will sell my yarn and other hand made items, I have been working hard on making ornaments. This is more a review of the ornaments in the entire book that were all made in Stroll Glimmer (which is sadly not available in dyed form on knitpicks any longer, but it is available in bare form). But hey, Christmas is in less than two months, so who has time for anything else? :)

The first ornament I tried was the Tiny Hearts by Mone Drager. That came out well, until the kitchener.. so that one isn't for sale.. I need to work on my kitchener skills.. I'm doing it completely wrong *sigh*. Even the instructions had me confused, and honestly it probably wasn't the instructions in the book so don't take that as a criticism.. I just have trouble with the kitchener stitch.

The second ornament is the big fat one, called Festive Fair Isle Ornament by Emily Kintigh, and that one as FUN! Nice and big, and very pretty options for what fair isle pattern you want to follow. The only issue I had with this large ornament was the icord is too short. It said 4 inches, but I feel like it could go longer.

Next, I cast on one of the square snowflake ornaments by Margaret Holzmann. These were interesting in a few ways. 1) they were not done in the round and I had never done fair isle on the purl side, I actually found it easier than on the knit side. 2) the whip stitch around was a decorative way to seam it that was very interesting. 3) I did a 2 stitch icord to hang it by.

It was a very interesting ornament and definitely one I was be doing a few more of. It's so cute!!

Lastly, I tried the sweater ornament by Karen DiTommaso. I will admit, I had some problems with the pattern. An error in the chart came up that might make a beginner hesitate. Row 11 on both sweaters should have had an extra box after an increase the prior row in the sleeves. But it doesn't. Threw me for a second so be ready for it.

The other thing about this pattern is that it is completely knitted flat, and I really don't feel like it needed to be. I knit the body flat as the pattern instructed, but did the sleeves in the round and seamed up the body with a mattress stitch. The next sweater I make will be knit in the round entirely. 

  But I will be doing this pattern again, with my tweaks. The patterns are nice and it so cute!

The book is fantastic, give it a try. Especially if you want to make some ornaments for this holiday season. There are plenty of variations within each ornament and Stroll has a bunch of fantastic colors to make it really fun!

A more personal post will be coming later this week, in the mean time, have a great week and keep your chin up.

Be Well!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Holy Preparation and Halloween

Halloween is tomorrow and I am not ready!! My kids are excited and it doesn't look like it's going to rain (yay!) so that is a plus. 

Something scary that happened was that my oldest daughter had a dizzy spell last week and fell down the stairs, scared the crap out of us. Luckily, she didn't hurt herself, but geez kid! 

Saturday we went to a local library's Hogwarts Halloween fun, and boy was it fun!!! The only hitch in that evening was the fact that my TMJ pain started acting up and so I had to stop to buy some Advil on the way to the party lol. Ouch! That hurt all the way until today it is finally getting better.

This weekend I focused Saturday on making ornaments:

These are both from the Merry Knitmas ebook pattern that was produced by Knitpicks.com. Using Stroll Glimmer yarn, I'm having a great time making these up for small cash items at a local craft show I'm doing in two weeks. 

The pattern is coming along well, easy to understand. The two that I have done are the Festive Fair Isle Ornaments by Emily Kintigh(the larger round one) and Tiny Hearts by Mone Drager. I really need to perfect my kitchener stitch with the hearts (wish me luck!)

Dyeing Yarn:
Yesterday I also got up off my butt and ignored my pain long enough to dye some yarn. I have something like 50 skeins to dye by November 17th so I figured I better get my butt in gear, so I did. 

I decided to kettle dye and hand paint. The kettle color I added first looked entirely too blue at first, and I wasn't happy, so I started to sprinkle a maroon in and ended up with this amazing color that I'm going to call Raven:

The hand dyeing went well and after being in the microwave I was extremely happy with the results!!

More to come tonight, maybe some DK. Should I post my fun on here? Perhaps I will :). 

Either way, happy Monday and please stay safe as our weather gets colder. Looking at the 15 day weather, there was snow on the 15th day. Brrr.

Be Well,